Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween!! And BOOKS?

Oh my gosh, I'm so excited about tonight!! So much fun stuff going on. Which is only appropriate for western culture's campiest holiday, non?

R., the girls and I are headed to a few places tonight, but we will DEFINITELY be at Black and Tan at some point. I am personally very excited to see Tummy Toast, who I've become mildly obsessed with (listen to "Friend Crush" and see what I mean!).

Down the street at Beauty Bar, this will be going on....

(And that exact same DJ crew is headed to an after party following Beauty Bar).

If you're on the east side, you might enjoy this little shindig:

According to sources, Rockula will "transform East Austin production space, 501 Studios, into a frenetic, ghoulish dance party." So, the message here is: Dress up for these ladies.

And finally, if you're more the bookish type and plan to sleep this Halloween out, the Texas Book Festival is going on tomorrow here in ATX. Evan Handler (Harry from Sex and The City!) will be there. Did you guys know he is a crazy memoir writer?

He is a leukemia survivor, too. My personal hero Marion Winik will be there on Sunday, although I'm trying not to psych myself out too much - I always do that and turn into a proper fool when it comes time to say something dazzling in person!

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