Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fun Fun Afterparties

So I got all caught up romancing my new red hair today, that I completely forgot to talk about the neat stuff going down tonight! Am so vain.

Anyhoo, if you're out and about in ATX tonight or Sunday, here are a few fun fun options for you. (And if you're at Fun Fun Fun Fest tomorrow, look for the girl with red red hair).

I'm not buds with DJ Bigface or anything (YET!) but I love his all-purpose poster so much:
I want a t-shirt that looks like that.


These wonderful individuals are having a CD release party at Mohawk:

That would be White Denim, with my beloved teacher-friend Mr. Steve in the middle. Mr. Steve! You're so big and famous now! Anyway, White Denim is having a CD release party at Mohawk tonight, which is probably priority #1 for me. At that blogger panel thing last night, I got to meet the Chris Cantalini of Gorilla vs. Bear, a blog that helped put these guys on the map. Never underestimate the power of the blogosphere!

Lastly - this is not an "after party" per se, but I have been adoring David Garza since my freshman year in college when he came to my tiny campus. (At the show, I bought a CD that had the the title written on it with Sharpie. I still play it, and when I do, his chicken scratch cursive still charms me.) Anyway, he's playing tonight, and if you see him I think you will enjoy. He's got that skinny-hot thing going on, you know what I mean? Like, I could probably bench press him, but it's NOT a problem.

Here is his new CD, which is uber-pensive, from the songs I've heard. Very piano-heavy.

And you can get tickets here.

Have fun, guys!

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bob-o said...

i'm sorry i missed that dahveed show last night! didn't some awesome group open for him at southwestern? i seem to remember them being totally, well, AWESOME.