Wednesday, December 12, 2007

You always remember your first

This isn't the first time I've begun a blog. Neither, I suspect, is this the first time you've read one. My previous attempts have proven unsuccessful, unable to sustain my attention for longer than a few months - the duration of many a twenty-something relationship, no?

I'm in my twenties, so I should know. Ironically, I am married, to a wonderful teacher/woodworker/drummer in a rock band. However, my affair with blogs has been nothing less than torrid.

Clandestine, middle-of-the night meetings, me and my laptop, fingers shaking with anticipation. It never lasted long. One 15 minute post here, a quickie update there. Never as good as I thought it would be. By the time I crawled into bed, I felt cheated - wasn't this supposed to be a long and meaningful relationship? If so, why did I feel like every other blogger out there? Was I just not special enough?

This, then, is my new project: a blog devoted to Austin. Let's see how it goes.

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