Austin Eavesdropper Press

Austin Eavesdropper is primarily a local blog, although sometimes I am asked to interview national talent when they pass through my lovely city.  Here is a handful of my favorite appearances:

Express Clothing 
[Video series -- Express Rocks 2011, SXSW, March 2011.  Highlights: Ellie Goulding, Atomic Tom, Diplo, Cisco Adler] 

Good Day Austin 
[Video -- "The Neurotic's Guide to SXSW," March 2011]

Good Day Austin 
[Video -- "What's Trendy in Austin," February 2011]

Austin American-Statesman (five appearances)

"Eavesdropper makes waves in Austin blog network," January 2011

"Blogging: What's the Point?" November 2010

News 8 Austin (two appearances)
[Video -- "Proletarians Eat Their Cake and Like It," Austin Fashion Week, August 2010]

[Video -- "New Lakeway store inspires Goodwill hunting, Septemer 2010]

"Statesman Texas Social Media Award Winner, Tolly Moseley," March 2010

Rare Magazine (two appearances)
"Best Local Blogger," June 2010

"Profile: Tolly Moseley, Austin Eavesdropper" June 2009

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