Saturday, January 19, 2008

Chloe, Life Twin

I've blogged about this girl before.

I've never spoken to her. But I've felt for a long time that she is my "life twin." You know - that random person who basically has your life, only you've never met? You like all the same things, go all the same places, maybe know similar people?

Her name is Chloe. At least, it is in my mind. It hasn't been confirmed because I've never summoned the courage to open my mouth around her. I used to always see her at Quacks, once at Buffalo Exchange, and now regularly at my very commercial, very un-hipster gym. The best memory I have of Chloe is watching her check-in at the gym's front desk, stride confidently into the dressing room, pose in front of the full-length mirror to evaluate her killer outfit, and waltz right back out. Imagine! A gym membership, just for the huge mirror! It was so vain and fabulous. She won my heart on the spot.

These days however, I have actually seen Chloe utilizing the work-out equipment at my gym. Looking adorable, of course...just like I would expect of my life twin! And, formerly a towhead with long, charmingly scraggly locks a la Mary Kate Olsen, she now has shorter red hair, natch.

Someday, I'll introduce myself. Someday, I'll say, "you know what! I have seen you traipsing around Hyde Park for years!" I guess it's not really all that unusual to keep running into people who apparently share your neighborhood, now is it? Still: it's neat to consistently cross paths with someone who isn't exactly your acquaintance (I believe that would at least require a mutual exchange of first names), but you feel like you sorta know already.

I am aware it's a slippery slope to "stalking," Reader! But admit it: haven't you ever consistently bumped into someone around town / your neighborhood / your nightlife haunts, and thought, simply, "I bet we would get along."

That's how I feel about Chloe.

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