Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jury, what say you?

Wow, two posts in one day! Look at me go.

This one's a quickie. I've become a little obsessed with enlarging the very small tattoo on the back of my neck. It's a pink - magenta! - star. And I want, crave, more. Something that reaches a little down the neck, and almost onto a shoulder. Want want want.

So if you're my friend, will you please vote on a tattoo concept, below? Mind you, this will not be the tattoo I get. Merely a going-in-the-right-direction aesthetic. I am a) pretty damn girly, b) not at all interested in symbols in another language that I cannot read, c) fond of sorta whimsical general. So I've picked some designs from the internet that seem to match this criteria.


#2 (imagine colorful)

#3 (these are obviously wall decals, and not a tattoo - yet!)


From these, I think we can at least surmise that flowers/leaves and a BIRD will be involved of some sort. Panel?


Jon said...

Yay tattoos! But not T.A.T.U., nor Misha Barton's reported upcoming biopic of the band. But I digress...

I like the second one. Though the incorporation of ELVISH could always enliven any body art!

Jeff said...

I vote for the first one!
I'm getting my new tattoo, too!