Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight: The Preview

Guys, I could hardly be more excited: I'm going to go see The Dark Knight tonight at the Drafthouse!!

This movie is already a cultural phenomenon, and that by itself is an understatement. According to E! News, The Dark Knight broke money-making records as Hollywood's biggest opening day -- ever. Take that, recession.

Here's a sampling from the critics' circle. First is from my fave, Kenneth Turran at Los Angeles Times and NPR, where he is a frequent contributor:

"Christopher Nolan's powerful, disturbing Batman sequel is fueled by Heath Ledger's indelible Joker."

And from Manohla Dargis at the New York Times:

"Dark as night and nearly as long, Christopher Nolan’s new Batman movie feels like a beginning and something of an end. Pitched at the divide between art and industry, poetry and entertainment, it goes darker and deeper than any Hollywood movie of its comic-book kind."

And from my roomate Caleb, who just walked in from seeing it:

"It's fucking awesome. There are no expectations. You won't be able to predict what is going to happen next. And pay attention to Harvey Dent."

Thanks Caleb. Thoughts soon, ya'll.

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Breanna said...

Ack! I'm seeing it tomorrow! Don't tell me how awesome it's going to be. I've been dreaming of this moment FOREVER.