Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hobby Lobby employees are a little dead inside

I have a question for you guys. Why are the employees at Hobby Lobby so pissed off? Specifically, the one on Lamar and 183. I went there yesterday to get supplies for one of these:

I know, cute right. You know how jewelry often ends up spread out on a dresser, on top of bills and old Pirates of the Caribbean ticket stubs and whatever? And you inevitably "lose" your favorite hoop earrings when they're really just tangled up in a bra? That's what this is supposed to stop. Thanks Martha!

Anyway, I'm at Hobby Lobby, where nothing is labeled. But that's alright. What's not alright is how mad they get when you ask them where stuff is. Take this exchange:

"Hi! Could you tell me where wooden shadow boxes are?"

"All of our shadow boxes are with frames."

"Great. Where are the frames?"

(Dramatic rolling of eyes) "Around the CORNER."

Now, I accept some responsibility here - maybe if I had kept on walking, I would have run into the frames area, and eventually the shadow boxes. About 5 minutes later though, I was looking for something kind of obscure - sawtooth hangers - and saw a different employee walking by.

"Excuse me, ma'am!"

(Woman keeps walking, does not turn around.)

"Hi, hey - do you work here?" (Run a little to catch up to her)


"Do you know where basic hardware is? Specifically, sawtooth hangers, for mounting artwork on the wall."

"That's like..." - sigh - "...on the complete opposite side of the store."

"Alright. Near the bathrooms? Near the scrapbooking stuff?"

"Over there. Where I'm pointing." (Gestures vaguely, indeed, to the "opposite" side of the store, indicating with her hand that I shall find hardware somewhere in between party favors and foliage, because those are the two ends of the entire west wall. Oh, I see now! Like, in this quadrant of the store, I'll find something that's about the size of a nail! Great, thanks!)

Hey Hobby Lobby, if you don't want customers asking silly questions, how about labeling the f^*ing store. "Wood." "Paint." "Yarn." Things like that.

Maybe it's because crafty women seem so nice, as a general demographic - old ladies with their knitting needles, teachers with their iron-on watermelon decals, moms with their driveway chalk for the kiddos - that I expect these kind of people to staff Hobby Lobby. But that would be a wrong assumption. A complete opposite assumption. Dawn B. at Yelp Austin put it so much better than I about a month ago:

"this hobby lobby is the suck. but not in the good way. the employees are all dead. no one wants to help you. i think they were all hiding as i saw no one working the sales floor."

Hee. Seriously though - why so grumpy-pants, HL employees?


Amy Strecker said...

Hey Tolly!
I've had such fun reading your blog since I stumbled upon it. You're a fantastic writer, and I enjoy your style.

For the record, I too have had problems with the Hobby Lobby employees at 183 & Lamar -- not the most helpful folks.

I hope you're well!

Tolly M said...

Hey girl, good to see you!! Thanks so much for dropping by! I like your blog MindOH - what an awesome resource for people in education, like my teacher husband! I'm going to turn him onto it.

And, I think a good happy hour is what those Hobby Lobby employees need. ;)

Anonymous said...

I work at the Hobby Lobby Store in Carrollton, Georgia. Please come shop with us when you are in our area. Our employees are very helpful and we pride ourselves in great customer service. We will spend as much time with you as you need to find exactly what you need. The attitude of the Hobby Lobby employees depends mostly on the attitude of their manager. Ours is the best! He is very customer service oriented and treats us all with respect and is constantly thanking us for the good job we all do. Don't give up on Hobby Lobby. Not all of them are like the one you are talking about. We take pride in our store. Come see us!

Anonymous said...

I work at Hobby Lobby #3 in Tulsa, up until a couple of months ago we had a happy helpful workforce, then we got a new manager who used to manage a Home Depot. I don't think this should reflect on Home Depot - they probably gave the guy the option of getting fired or quitting... whatever... since he's arrived morale is horrid. Disrespect usually flows from the top down. It is unfortunate but I don't think alcohol is the answer I think Hobby Lobby higher ups need to screen their managers better.

Anonymous said...

I also work at a Hobby Lobby in Mississippi... We aren't hiding from you on the sales floor.. we are probaly on the front end on a register. Never enough cashiers for the store and the department heads are doing both jobs. Some of us are probaly a little dead inside from overload of work, having to run a department up to standards and running back and forth from being a cahsier also would make anyone a bit tired and annoyed.

Anonymous said...

i used to work for Crafts Etc which became hobby lobby---we were told NOT to wait on customers- just point to where they need to go, our real job was stocking the shelves...i read where the christian ethic so loudly proclaimed is not really practiced on their employees and that sometimes the employees have to work on sunday unloading trucks
so i guess these employees of your hobby lobby are very demoralized and will probably get fired if they stop and help you.

Anonymous said...

I also work at hobby lobby. Our staff use to be so happy. Our head manager is great. But our co manager thinks he is head hancho and makes everyone miserable. And everyone is so stressed out. And there are alot of times we end up not having time to walk a customer somewhere and help them like we need to. Due to being short handed and having deadlines on everything and him pressuring everyone to do what he wants when he wants it done. We've had like 5 pple quit since the co started there. But they already replaced them.

Carrie Bradshaw said...

Your blog was great!! Loved the jewelry box! Check out my blog about Hobby Lobby...

Anonymous said...

If you look at the products Hobby Lobby carries you will see that nothing is original. They copy companies left and right. Not an original bone in there creative office. They have their own factories in China and India and can manufacture very very cheaply. I think they send their creative team to shows and have them take pictures, etc. Not a bad job. The rest of the small companies developing new products take the major hit for development. Sigh......It is too bad that Hobby Lobby talks the Christian talk but does not walk the Christian walk.

Anonymous said...

I work at a hobby lobby and yes the managers and DMs do put us under much pressure. We are expected to do an insane amount of work in VERY little time. It seems like we are on the chopping block all the time. Sometimes we are so wrapped up in our work we really don't realize the customers are their. We don't mean to do at all. Also hobby lobby is absolutely NOT a christian company!