Saturday, July 12, 2008

No matter what

I love my parents. Sorry for the Hallmark, but they really are two of my best buddies. Here's why.

So, earlier this year, my mom - a pharmaceutical rep for Novo Nordisk - entered this national competition where, if she signed more diabetes drugs than anyone else in the company, she got this ridiculous prize. (For those not versed in pharmaceutical lingo, "signing drugs" is what happens when a doctor decides to add your drug to his roster of prescriptions. I know - in any other context the phrase "signing drugs" would be a lot more interesting, right?) Well...she won. She signed more diabetes drugs than anyone else nation-wide. Isn't that crazy?! My mom's not a hyper-crazy sales type of person either - just a really sweet woman. With excellent cheekbones.

Anyway, the prize - you're going to love this - is a 2-minute race through a warehouse, filled with flat-screen TV's, cell phones, cameras, jewelry, a motorcycle (!), name it. Yes, exactly like Supermarket Sweep. She gets 5 minutes to walk through, "chart her course," then heads back to start and goes for it. Flatbed in tow.

Well, this was pretty much the most exciting thing that could have ever happened to my dad. He was planning strategy before Mom even won, and when she did, they hopped in a car to Sam's Club and practiced with a timer and a flatbed (Dad's idea).

So before the race (it happened two Saturdays ago) Dad submitted a list to Mom of things he would like. Namely a flat screen TV. Mom - again, sweetest, most selfless soul ever - didn't really want much for herself, except maybe a GPS because (like her daughter) she's always getting lost. But for me and R., she had an excellent idea: two brand new Mac laptops!

On the day of the race - are you ready? - a bus freaking pulls up to Mom and Dad's hotel, drives them to the warehouse, and there is a marching band, guys, waiting outside. What else? The Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders! And a high-five line, after she got off the bus!!

Alright, so my mom does the race, rocks it, but unfortunately - no laptops. In the warehouse. Oh well. But being the crafty gal she is, Mom snatches three flatscreen TV's, thinking she'll hawk two and use the money to buy laptops for R. and I. I know! So nice! (and sorta gangsta!)

So all of that background leads us to our conversation on the phone this morning. Mom is explaining that one of the laptops has come in already, and she and Daddy are trying to figure out which model they should order next. Now my parents, like R. and I, aren't exactly computer model geniuses - "Mac" and "PC" pretty much sum it up - but Daddy, the typical daughter's father, ney, the typical ONLY CHILD's father, had this to say about it:

"No matter what, Tolly gets the better one."

Sorry R. Weren't born a Moseley? You snooze, you lose.

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