Monday, September 29, 2008

Dispatches from AUSTIN CITY LIMITS

Watching news about the economy is making me sad/pissed, so I'm going to show you some pictures from ACL, k?


I was a little far away! Freaking AWESOME show.

Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band, on the AT&T stage:

Oh Conor Oberst....I made soooooo much fun of Conor Oberst when he was Bright Eyes. I know many of you loved him. But I just couldn't take the whiny, warbly-voiced, "I'm special because I'm sad" thing.

There's the Bright Eyes I know and love. Pulling hair 'cause it hurts.

Anyway, now that he's toned it down a bit, I'm really liking ol' Conor. Look at him here, singing Paul Simon:

Doesn't he look cute and playful?

Onto Beck......

Yes, his hair really is that long, and no, I'm not hovering two feet in front of him (I wish). Took that one zooming in on the Jumbotron. But I think it turned out nice.

God, I love him so much. Even though he stopped playing 15 minutes earlier than scheduled, with no encore - kind of lame, Beck! - I still love him. You can especially see the Live with Larry King-like wall going on in the background here.

Beck's guitarist, Jessica Dobson:

I don't know how/why my camera made her all red, but I'm glad that it did.

Jessica Dobson, if you have a Facebook account, you totally have my permission to make this your new profile pic. (Heh, am so cocky!! I would flip out if that actually happened).

Some more random pictures:

Doesn't it look like I'm taking this from backstage. I'm NOT (how funny would it be if I tried to get press access for this blog??), this was just another lucky Jumbotron shot.

Onto the vendors' booths at ACL: These toys are the cutest.

Does anyone know what those are called?

This next one was taken at the MGMT show. I really liked this girl's guitar pick earrings - so very ACL:

I took that one all stalker-style, pretending to point the lens at MGMT while actually zooming in on her ear. I know, it's a little creepy.

Back to the vendors' stands - more jewelry, in the form of pretty pendant necklaces:

I would like to own those. All of them.

Here's a real beauty - my friend Rob and I with our ACL game faces on:

Isn't that frightening?

I'm pretty sure we had just sat down in somebody else's chairs, and were making faces to scare them off. (They didn't come back, so I guess it worked).

I heart ACL.


Anonymous said...

Well, i'm kind of jealous, even though I stick to my proclamation that outdoor venues and I do not go together. BUT, Beck is maybe starting to look a little like Kid Rock. That hair! That hat! Hee hee!

Sarah D. said...

beck? kid rock? that person has their eyes on backwards today.

I'm very jealous!! You know I had tickets and I had to sell them???


That Austin Girl said...

Oh bless your heart Sarah!! Well the good thing is, it comes around again every year. :)

Heya - vintage trip soon.

Jon said...



Cottage gal said...

Yes, "Hybrid Cars & Cottages" is me! I'm glad you found it. Your super cool blog inspired me to resurrect mine from days of yore. Nice ACL pics by the way!

Anonymous said...

hey, i dig the acl blog...check out my acl blog on mespace and tell me what you think :)theres a vid i think you may like, hint hint beck :P
heres the link:

That Austin Girl said...

Hi Anonymous! I will definitely come check out your MySpace blog with ACL coverage!

Anonymous said...

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