Friday, September 26, 2008



I don't know how exactly I've gotten myself into this situation, but I remain ticketless for ACL tomorrow!

If any of you are trying to unload yourself of a Saturday ACL ticket, I will:

A) Buy it,
B) Drive to wherever you are and buy it,
C) Drive to wherever you are, buy it, then sing and dance for you...badly.

Don't know if option C is tempting to anyone or not, but do you like Rick Astley? I can do Rick Astley. Actually that's a lie - I attempted Rick Astley recently at a karaoke bar and royally butchered "Never Gonna Give You Up," so, sorry to anyone who was at Common Interest two Saturdays ago, watching - but I do know "Ice, Ice Baby." And the Moonwalk.

If this post describes you, i.e., someone in abundance of Saturday ACL ticket, leave a comment, or alternatively email me (see sidebar). Or send a carrier pigeon! Whatever method you prefer, I WANT YOUR TICKET. Nom nom nom.

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