Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This fish doesn't need a bicycle, but she does want to go shopping

So it's been an expensive month Readers, and I don't know about you, but the state of my finances seem to exist in an inverse relationship with my desire to go shopping. The smaller the checking account = the larger my clothing lust. Frivolous? Yes. Illogical? Indeed. Often rash, chronically expectation-dashing, and most definitely a sign of fiscal immaturity - especially given the fact that I have just started a 401K for the very first time and am already mourning that little bit of disposable income previously reserved for bright, colorful bags that don't go with anything much really except my joyful mood? Sadly, also yes.

It's times like these that I especially turn to Polyvore.com, creating these lovely little clothing collages that, alas, are out of reach (making it fairly easy to track when I am broke). However...there are ways to go "shopping" even in dire straits, if you're handy with a needle and thread, no?

I've been especially curious about Austin School of Fashion Design since I read about it in Rare last month. ASFD offers sewing classes, hat and purse making classes, fashion illustration classes, etc. for both adults and kids (I always think the inclusion of kids classes is a good sign for any craft-based instruction center....indicates patience). And, it has a fall session beginning October 20, as a matter of fact.

The founder of the school is Mary Margaret Quadlander, who trained at FIT and spent 20 years as a fashion designer. At the request of several of her fashion students at UT and St. Edwards, she opened up this school so other people could have access to her skillz. Rad huh?

Anyway, it looks so cool that I'm considering signing up next month. Has anyone here taken classes at ASFD? Would you like to? The last time I tried to sew a purse, it turned into a diagonal, skinny belt thing...only a belt you could zip open and shut! So, professional intervention on the sewing side of things may be needed.

In other news: Saw Burn After Reading on Sunday. It's smart, clever, oh-so-Coen Brothers. I heart very much.


Anonymous said...

If only we all had a rich uncle John to leave us 20,000 pounds... not quite the fortune it was then but all the same it would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Did you end up taking a course at ASFD? I am considering enrolling in a course and would love to know what you thought.