Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Baby Got Bacteria + Maker Faire + Designer Drugs + Deal Breakers....oh my

So in approximately 11 hours, I hop a plane to sunny California to visit old friends. You see not too long ago, I had it in my head that I was going to be a scholar on Victorian Literature, flew out to the west coast for grad school, and devoted two years of my life to Oscar Wilde, Robert Louis Stevenson, Bram Stoker, etc. You know, the whole nineteenth century British crew y'all! HOLLA BACK Charlotte Bronte.

As it turns out I was very terrible at academia, but made lovely friends with some very smart, awesome people. And because I will be hanging onto their every word and witty aside from now until Sunday night, I want to do a longer-than-usual post to talk about a few rad ATX things going on this weekend. Ready! Ok go!

Friday Night: Baby Got Bacteria
Creekside Lounge


Maybe it's the cross-dressing, maybe it's their cool sound - whatever it is, live music newcomers Baby Got Bacteria will be playing tomorrow night, and I think you will have fun if you go. Here's a taste:

Saturday/Sunday: Maker Faire
Travis County Expo Center

Alright, we are SO lucky to have something this cool in our city. I know I know Austin has tons of cool stuff all the time, and Maker Faire is definitely well-publicized, but seriously, you should attend this. I will give you two reasons:

1. Fighting robots,
2. A life-sized Mousetrap. Like the boardgame you played when you were little. It looks like this:

Anyway, if you haven't heard of it yet, Maker Faire is a huge celebration of DIY, and basically provides all these hands-on activities to make stuff. Rachel at Austin Style Watch did a great post on it today, so I encourage you to hop over there and read her pre-event coverage.

Saturday Night: Designer Drugs
Black & Tan

Another fun fun party hosted The Famousish! Might sell out, so go RSVP here.

And finally...well we've got a new poll up!! Vote this weekend, and feel free to leave some comments in the post below. It's about your own deal breakers, it's to the top right-hand corner of your screen, and with all of our help together - we'll rid the world of Precious Moments. (Or at least from our collective dating pool.)

I feel though like I should add a quick disclaimer here just to supplement that poll. Now, some people may be breaking some deals this very moment - by wearing a visor or yapping on your Bluetooth, for example. I just want to come forward and admit that, were I not married, I would very likely be a walking deal breaker myself. My own vile personal habits include but are not limited to:

1. Licking the container after I finish a microwave meal.

2. Licking said container at WORK, in front of co-workers.

3. Constantly running off all the gas in my car, then leaving it for R. to fill back up as I hop into our other, non-empty car. I.e., his vehicle. Can you believe that?

4. Relentless misquoting of song lyrics. "Scuse me while I kiss this guy" is nothing. Every time Whitesnake comes on with "Here I Go Again" (God I love that song), I always, ALWAYS sing, "Here I go again with rock n' roll!!!" Instead of the proper, "Here I go again on my own." You can see how one would make this mistake. You may not see how one would learn her mistake, then insist on singing it the wrong way.

5. SKIP SHOWERS. There I said it! Almost every person who has commented has something about hygiene. Sorry y'all. I'm a little gross.


Sarah D. said...

I am the least likely person on earth to MAKE pretty much anything but I soooo want to go to the makers faire!! It just looks like...a fair! Can I get cotton candy ya think??

Sarah D. said...

I am the least likely person on earth to MAKE pretty much anything but I soooo want to go to the makers faire!! It just looks like...a fair! Can I get cotton candy ya think??

Gretchen said...

Ha! I always and forever misquote Tiny Dancer with, "Hold me closer, Tony Danzaaaa!". Doesn't that sound fun? My husband always misquotes it with, "Hold me close, I'm tired of dancing". But we're nerds.

Tiffany Diane said...

Were you at Designer Drugs last night?? I feel like I should bump into you more than I do.