Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cap'n Crunch + JEM + Drafthouse = Yes yes yes

So y'all, sometimes, I just can't keep up with the Drafthouse. The sing-a-longs! The quote-a-longs! The Master Pancake Theatre! By the time we're finished with previews at the Drafthouse, I always feel like, "damn, am missing so much?! You mean to tell me there are Austin Air Guitar Championships every year? And I haven't been to a single one?? Omigod, whoa, I cannot keep missing these Quentin Tarantino nights - he's right here in my city and I haven't seen him live yet ahhhh!!!" -That feeling.

Anyway, all that being said, the Drafthouse clearly offers a superior movie-watching experience. I think the concept only works however in a city already dripping with personality. You see, one time, R. and I joined his parents to see a movie in Grapevine, Texas - one of the many ant-like communities clinging onto the Dallas metropolis - at a newly-opened "restaurant" theatre. It was very high-tech and fancy, with chrome metal and black lights everywhere, and we all ordered full meals and lounged in our cushy leather chairs. It closed two months later.

Austinites are doggedly proud of just how weird they are, however, so the Drafthouse will never die and in fact, will keep pumping out increasingly kitschy and interactive film events. Here is one I totally wish I was attending:

saturday morning cereal party
drafthouse downtown (6th st.)
october 18


Ok everyone, listen to what all this entails: 2.5 hours of Ghosbusters, JEM, Thundarr the Barbarian and Care Bears, WITH over 50 varieties of cereal on the menu!! People are encouraged to wear their footie pajamas and forget about the debauchery of the previous night, as they are lulled back into child-like innocence coated with sugar cereal.

Whoever comes up with these Drafthouse events is a genius, non?

(Speaking of child-like innocence. Have you, yes you there reading this blog, VOTED for your favorite claymation figure? Top right corner of your screen? Because I see that Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is being edged out by Wallace & Gromit!! Rudolph-lovers, come on now, let's pull it together.)

I will sadly not be able to attend Saturday Morning Cereal Party as I will be in Cali - so, not sad at ALL really but THRILLING - but am considering a "favorite Saturday morning cartoon poll" to make up for it. Of which the Snorks will play a big role.

P.S. - Yelle a freaking blast last night. This is Aaron, who I met standing in line. Also got to see these ladies out and about as well: Austin bloggas crew, HOLLA!

(P.P.S. - Don't be fooled by this picture, taken at the BEGINNING of the night. The end-of-night shots are truly disturbing).



Zelda said...

I'm always so intrigued by the crazy Drafthouse events. I hear the sing-a-longs are spectacularly fun! Though, I think I need to be drunk BEFORE I get there... it just seems it would be better that way.

Jennifer said...

So I had a group of friends in college who nearly weekly held Saturday Morning Cereal Club meetings on Saturday mornings, complete with homemade breakfasts and herbal remedies...the perfect hangover sure was fun.

That Austin Girl said...

I agree, Jennifer....I want to go back to college sometimes. What cereal did you fancy? Personally, I was a Cinnamon Toast Crunch gal.

Tiffany Diane said...

<3 I'm a part of a crew now!

QVC said...

well its all about teamwork.

That Austin Girl said...

QVC, you are such a puzzle! One minute, I am in your store buying tampons from you, and the next, you are right here commenting on my blog. Are you man? Drugstore? An intriguing combination of both??

Fast Cure For Snoring said...

well sometime i want to go back to college

That Austin Girl said...

What?! I don't get it - first QVC is commenting on my blog, and now Fast Cure for Snoring? I mean, not that I mind.....I am just interested by all of these, eh, drug store entities? going around and commenting on blogs as if you were people. Are you a person?

Well, anyway, welcome Fast Cure for Snoring! I do not snore (I think) but I'm glad you have a speedy solution to what I hear is a very common problem. You can always come hang out at That Austin Girl. Hopefully I don't make you snore though.

Kevin said...

Pure awesomeness.