Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Car Stereo (Wars) + The Always Already

So it always seems like I'm out of town or BUSY whenever Car Stereo (Wars) play, but this Saturday I'm going y'all!!On Saturday night, R. and I get to meet Rainn Wilson - that's right, Dwight from The Office. Right here in ATX! For rils y'all! But then, it's dance party central.

To get a little taste of The Always Already, just have a listen.

And hey, if you're just too dead-tired this weekend to do ANYTHING but stay home and read a nice book, I've got a lovely recommendation for you. Stop by tomorrow and see what it is! (Hint: It smells good). Or, you can just visit Lit Mob and read my write-up there.

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Anonymous said...

rainn wilson is hilarious- i've heard several interviews on NPR with him and he is really smart and funny. give him a high five for me!