Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ideas for Date Night

Not to make you guys barf or anything, but R. and I do Date Night every Friday. I'm a big fan. Do you do Date Night?

I can't remember when we instilled it, but while our professional lives don't involve any crazy commuter-type situations or lengthy far-apartness, we simply aren't very romantic people when we get home from work. We eat, watch LOST, (lovingly) torture the cat, and.....go to bed. Party animals!

Anyway, I don't know what it was about this weekend, but R. and I had the most satisfying stretch of 48 hours in Austin. Possibly ever. Sorry if that sounded dirty. Here is what I mean:


I know what you're thinking: If that dish were a 7th grade girl, she'd have cumbersome headgear and an unfortunate acne problem. Not to worry. Ethiopian food, which is what this is, may not be the most attractive food ever but nevertheless it is downright ecstasy in your mouth. Karibu Ethiopian Restaurant & Bar just opened on east 7th St. about a month ago, and R. and I went there on Friday. I lerved it. In order to keep it open, I urge you all to go out and try it. Almost all dishes come with chechebsa, that crepe-like bread you see above, which is fermented, sour-tasting, and delicious. You tear off pieces of it, you see, and use it to pick up your food. Which I am slowly coming to realize is may my favorite way to dine.


Many Birthdays. I have talked about them before and adore their stuff. Saw them as part of Free Week, also on Friday, at Mohawk (along with these other folks below).

Moth! Fight! was a pleasant surprise.

The Laughing put on my favorite show of the evening.

Got to meet Pink Nasty at Clementine's! (right). As well as her brother (left), Black Nasty. Unfortunately, they weren't wearing toilet paper when we met.


This one isn't Austin-centric, but I'm going to recommend it anyway.

When I see trailers for his films, I frequently take Clint Eastwood for granted. Why, I am not sure. Perhaps because I know in advance that whatever he does, it will be solid, moving, blah blah blah...almost like when Toni Morrison releases a new novel, and all I can think is, "oh terrific, another masterpiece....wooo." Don't make the same mistake. Whenever you have the opportunity to read a Toni Morrison novel, you are richly rewarded, as I was with Gran Torino. I am so very glad I saw this. I knew it would be moving; what I did not expect was for it to be so funny. Clint Eastwood, if you can believe this, is a laugh a minute. Seriously.

What do you all like to do for Date Night?


Chris Trew said...

date night 1.0 is fish tacos and sangria

date night 2.0 is dinner and movie

date night 3.0 is drinks then dinner

date night 4.0 is really really fancy dinner (but just dinner)

date night 5.0 is a sporting event

rules: you are able to heighten the date night by increasing the number to the right of the decimal point.

example: if we are going on date night 5.0, perhaps a 5.7 would be the Superbowl, a 5.2 would be eating at a restaurant post-game that one of the athletes you previously watched owns, a 5.6 would be getting to meet the team at a party.

remember: you probably never want to experience a date night _.9 because .9 is as high as a particular date night can go and that means you can no longer fantasize about what that particular date night heightened to the extreme is.

fyi: i'm completely aware of what date night 6.0 and 7.0 are, but they cannot be published yet.

sneak peek: one of them is an education date.

That Austin Girl said...

"Sporting event" = 5.0? Maybe for a bromance. ;) Where does dancing at gay bar, followed by Cosmos and appletinis, fall?

Megalithic Rick said...

I'm sad to say, I missed Moth! Fight!! I only got to hear 1 1/2 songs :( Laughing didnt do it for me though, but they may have potential. There was a huge crowd at Mohawk when Moth!Fight! was on, either their really popular or maybe the crowd was there for someone else. I walked by Emo's and it was dead. I think everybody was at Mohawk Friday night.

westworld said...

chris- i like your date night game.

That Austin Girl said...

Megalithic - to be honest with you, Moth!Fight! KILLED it at Mohawk. Seriously did an awesome job. I think a lot of people felt like they upstaged The Laughing....but I still enjoyed The Laughing the most. Probably just a taste thing.

Westworld - Chris' date night game is pretty sweet, not gonna lie. ;)

Angie said...

That sounds like a great weekend. I also have to say Lost is great. I don't care if that doesn't count as part of a date, it's great. But since I'm lame and don't have the luxury of a date night, I will offer up this couple I saw online that does "build a fort like you did when you were a kid" date night. That just might be more awesome than Lost.

Lol on Chris and your follow up.

That Austin Girl said...

"Build a fort like you did when you were a kid" - genius!!!! Where can I find these people, Angie?!

Anonymous said...

perhaps the restautant told you the bread was called chechebsa, buti'm pretty sure its called ingera, i'm ethiopian and i have never heard it called such. Its made with a flour/grain called teff that is really only grown in ethiopia. Have you tried asters for another ethiopian restaurant? pretty good and they cater to wheatsville and whole foods too.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?