Saturday, January 17, 2009

Name change.

Hi everybody.

It appears that "That Austin Girl" is having a Prince moment. A few weeks ago, I posted about wanting to do more interviews with weird/cool Austin individuals, and thought about launching a whole new blog for it. Well, for any of you with your own blogs out there, you know that blogs are like children: they require a lot of pampering and attention. Also, this new blog I want to start will perhaps involve a non-girl contributor, that being R.

So, like the jobless-yet-affable friend that needs to crash on your couch for "just a night or two" and ends up becoming your roommate indefinitely, Austin Eavesdropper is just going to move on into this current space. Buh-bye, That Austin Girl!

Anyway, the content won't dramatically change. Neither will the link. In fact, you are reading Austin Eavesdropper right now.

As for the new banner - dear God, I can't design banners to save my life! Can anyone tell me how to resize it so it's bigger? I designed the old "that austin girl" banner a while back, and now I completely forgot how I did it. Damn long-term memory.

Lastly - before we go any further, I have to credit the photograph above to Joni Karanka, a photographer I randomly discovered on Flickr and am currently obsessed with. Here's a sampling:

EDITOR's NOTE: I figured out the banner!!!! So, nevermind about that.

EDITOR's NOTE, part 2: If we're "blogger friends" (aww) and link to each other through blogrolls, you might want to update the name of this blog. Or don't. You're the boss of you!


frances said...

a rebirth! i'm excited! :)

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Thanks girl!! I liken it to the Immaculate Conception.

ashley said...

Congrats on the new direction!

I think i'm old with bad eyesight so take with a grain of salt: the new font is really hard to read.

samsmash said...

Although I am sad to see that austin girl go, I am welcoming the change. I might have to agree with Ashley though, I think like a bit larger of a font might do my eyes some good.

Annie in Austin said...

Cool new name, TollyM!

On my computer, Firefox makes both font and photos larger if you use either Ctrl + or hold Ctrl and roll the wheel.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose