Sunday, March 22, 2009

South By Comedown + Thoughts on blogs

When I tell people I have a blog, they typically react in one of two ways:

"Oh that's fantastic!"


"What's a 'blog?' Is that short for something? Wait - did you say 'blob?'"

It is endlessly fascinating to me to watch the world come around to the blogosphere. Most people have a working knowledge of what a blog is - I bet you remember your own a-ha moment when you realized the term was short for 'WEBLOG' - but events like SXSW tend to emphasize just how critical blogs are, and will become, over the next few years. Why? Well, immediacy is a part of it - sure. But let's face it: we love DIY media. That scrappy, sorta unpolished feel of user-generated media is oddly charming. And if Steven Johnson is correct, blogs will eventually usurp "old media" (hate that term, but you know what I mean) relatively soon.

Pretty wild.

Speaking of wild - South By, I love you, but damn I'm ready to re-enter civilian life again. There were more shows going on today, but I officially clocked out after leaving the Perez Hilton par-tay last night. My feet are BROKE.

Anyway, here are some highlights from the past few days...

Perez Hilton, complete with pink sparkly Aretha Franklin hat.

Surprise Kanye appearance at the Perez party.

Little Boots. Freaking adorable?

Solange Knowles, rockin' some ambitious eyeshadow.

Thao Nguyen, all-around badass and new LIFE IDOL. She sings, she plays, she beat boxes!!!

Cute hat.

Cursive at Waterloo Park.

The Temper Trap at ASCAP. Lived up to the buzz, and then some.

Trae Vedder of Death on Two Wheels. (I mean really. How can you not be a rockstar with a name like "Trae Vedder.")

Local boy Dan Dyer. (Funny story. I actually turned to the girl on my right after I took this picture, and said a little too breathily, "God, I have such a CRUUUUSH on him!!!" Her response? "I do too. I'm his girlfriend.")

Yelle at Maggie Mae's.

au revoir, sxsw.

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Tiffany Diane said...

I get numerous responses, some think it's just the shit, while others just yawn and ask me who doesn't have a blog. For one, I am totally unimpressed by my having a blog - because it's true anybody could make a blog, but am also quite amazed by what it can bring - meaning the opportunities I've gotten because of it. And I'm sure the same goes to you. For sure.