Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SXSW 2009 Parties, Part 12: SXSWednesday

SXSWers, as I'm sure you know, Wednesday is out of control. For our own sanity's sake, we're mapping out our party plans (and if you've got your own must-sees for the day, feel free to leave a comment below).




Brooklyn Vegan / Solid PR / I Love Mike Litt Party


ASCAP Presents....Rock Showcase

G4TV has kindly asked Austin Eavesdropper to film a segment with them tomorrow at this event, to discuss the following bands: Chief, The Temper Trap, Death on Two Wheels. I've got my own thoughts, but what do you guys think about these groups? Do you heart? Very much so?


I just heard about the Data Pop Party today, but I have to say it sounds really freaking rad. It's an underground, nerdy convention for the 8 bit music scene (reminds me of our buddies in Built By Snow, no?) It's going to be held at the old Salvation Army, starts at 9pm, and there will be complimentary beverages....as long as they last. Also, it's free!

And somewhere in all that madness:

Paste is having another party on Thursday, too.

And reader - a thought. After your ridiculous Wednesday, you may want to keep a steady grip on the taurine. Why? Well, the music haps are just beginning:

On Wednesday, you can get your wristband for the above Levi's/FADER Fort Party (if you've RSVP'd like a smart person, that is) between 10am - 7pm. Just head to the recently moved pick-up location on 1101 E. 5th Street at Waller, and while you're hanging with FADER this weekend, say hey to Kanye.


I'll be out and about, snapping as many pictures on my flimsy little camera as possible.

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