Sunday, March 15, 2009

SXSW 2009 Parties, Part 9: Playboy.

Well, the details are slowly leaking out for Playboy's notorious SXSW party.

Thursday, March 19
11pm - 4am

Undisclosed, but ultra8201 reveals that you may have done some shopping there in the past. (I'm thinking it's probably not Hancock Center H-E-B, however.)

It's at I-35 and 12th, Old Safeway next to CVS.


Strictly invitation only! SXSW badges matter not!

Last year's bash included Moby and MGMT, so this year should be equally buzzy. We already know that this guy and this guy will be there.

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frances said...

old salvation army??

Richard said...

I-35 and 12th, Old Safeway next to CVS. Calvin Harris will also be there. They are keeping the rest of the line up very secret though....

Oh and we want a link :) Love your blog!

Megalithic Rick said...

Im assuming Janes Addiction (which regrouped this yr) will be playing the Playboy party...I get this idea cause their playing a free show at a secert location(tba) which is invite only the same nite. Btw, there giving their fans a chance to win tixs on there website
it all makes sense now ;)
I could be wrong cause I thought Leonard Cohen was going to be at SXSW

Anonymous said...

Let's see...rumor wise, I've heard Leonard Cohen was going to be here too, but I don't see him being tapped for the Playboy party.

I've also heard that Elvis Costello and T-Bone Burnett might do something together. They seem like a better fit for this Playboy thing...

so says the anonymous copy-editor

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So this is where all the good juicy rumors are at!