Friday, June 5, 2009

Next week: Austin Air Guitar Championships

Yes! This is next week you guys. I'm posting it now in case it sells out.

friday, june 12
the parish
tickets here

I am definitely attending and taking pictures!

About a week and a half ago, Hot Lixx Hulahan (the 2008 WORLD Champion!) explained to me that the Austin competition is pretty high caliber, since we Austinites go through months of preliminary competitions. I told him, oh I know, my mother is a competitive lip syncer and I have nothing but respect for the central Texas musical mimicry circuit. (Note: this is true).

Say hi, Hot Lixx:

Anyway, the competition is pretty stiff this year, and while there's no telling who will walk away with the Austin crown, here are a couple of pretty threatening Texans:

From Dallas: THE GUARDIAN!

photo credit: clay gardner

From Houston: RIP DARKO!

photo credit: misha vladimirskiy

This person isn't from Texas (he's from New York), but he's the 2007 US Champion: WILLIAM OCEAN!

photo credit: dan eckstein

And here is the man (well, one of two men) who started it all: C-DIDDY!

The next time that poofy-haired Isaac Mizrahi assures me from Bravo TV that "competition is the new black," I'm going to point right back at the TV screen and bellow, "HELLO KITTY SHIELDS ARE THE NEW BLACK!"

I leave you with Hot Lixx, winning the 2008 World Championships:


Aaron Robert Hall said...

That is pretty awesome! Where do I sign up? I think I would preform as Hulk Hogan doing some sweet Twisted Sister rendition with lots of super 80's rock solo's.

Do Bianchi said...

Bjorn Turoque is still a champion in my heart...

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Haha Do - I'm partial to Big Rig myself. :)

Do Bianchi said...

I hung with Hot Lixx and Bjorn last night in Dallas.