Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Austin Eavesdropper live chat with the Statesman TODAY!

Hey everybody! Austin Eavesdropper is going to be interviewed by Michael Barnes at the Austin American-Statesman today at 3:00pm, and you can watch it live!

The interwebs are so amazing. I remember being a dorky high-schooler logging into AOL's chat rooms, the ones with hilarious titles like: "Cat Chat" and "N'Sync Lovrs ONLY." Oh, Web 1.0. We've come such a long way.

Anyway, today will be the culmination of chatting AND eavesdropping, because not only can you watch Michael and I exchange witty banter (his will definitely be witty, mine will consist of me trying not to make any typos), you can actually join in and ask questions / pose comments. "Hey Austin Eavesdropper, this is Austin Energy, you owe us $97.69 thanks." "Hey Austin Eavesdropper, this is your dad HI HONEY!!!!!!!" "Hey Austin Eavesdropper you mispelled our band's name please freaking correct it?" Truly, anything will do.

Also, as the blog title suggests, I like to talk about the city too. So if you would like to discuss nightlife / music venues / Bleet-Ups / vintage clothing stores / Adopt-a-Dog stands / places to watch crazy people or what have you, I will endeavor to answer those effectively as well. Just click here to join in.

See you there!!


Robert Quigley said...

Tolly - glad you're doing this. Can't wait to see it! ;)

Pang said...

Dude, that's pretty awesome.
It's neat knowing such a huge celebrity.

amber demure said...

Hey Austin Eavesdropper... I need a drink, when do you get out of that thing? :)

If I wasn't at the gym at 3, I'd say that.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Hey Robert, thank you! Me too, I am excited.

Pang, let's not forget you are the #1 pick-up line deliverer in Austin so really it's neat for me to know YOU

Amber - my wine connoisseur! - I finish the interview at approximately Drink O'Clock today, too bad you will be being healthy at the gym. :) Good job you.

Aaron Robert Hall said...

Heh! That was fun with good questions and responses. Totally should post the lizards flying on a mosquito some day. Congrats on the press Tolly.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Aaron! You are so sweet for coming by and asking questions. :) I will post the 3rd grade lizards story some day in honor of you

Ajay M. said...

Big pimpin'.

Pang said...

You always bring that up, Tolls, but it's all your doing that I had my 5.5 seconds of fame.

BTW, is this interview downloadable in any way?