Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Music and parties this week.

Austin Eavesdropper has a HORRIBLE memory, so to keep track of all the many shows and parties and stuff happening this week in ATX, she is posting them here.

thursday thursday thursday

My Cousin Roy at Barcelona: YES. I interviewed Mr. Roy Dank this week for The Deli, where we will also be holding a ticket giveaway. So remember to check there to win.

My Cousin Roy owns and operates the Wurst Edits label, is a choice DJ himself, and is also coming out with his own clothing line. A downright entrepreneur, non? (I've actually found this to be the case with many DJ's. Just look at Learning Secrets, those local DJ's / event planners!)

Speaking of Learning Secrets, do you enjoy their posters as much as I do? Ian Orth, one half of LS's namesake DJ duo, designs these. I asked him what was up with these new faces posters, and here's what he wrote back:

"Two things actually inspired me with the faces, the first being this idea of creepy faces peering out at you from a bowl of milk, like after you're done eating a bowl of cereal. The second being really just wanting to do something different than what I've been seeing lately, which is why for Learning Secrets stuff I like to work in black and white imagery; it's different, and limiting in a way."

Our friends at PartyEnds are also hosting a lineup at Beauty Bar:

Can I tell you guys what sold me on Custodian? The fact that they sample on of my FAVORITE songs of all time, "True Affection" by The Blow. (listen to "Demo" on Custodian's MySpace page). Good call guys.

PartyEnds describes Dirty Dancing this way:

"Two people, two guitars, and simple iTunes drums create a minimal yet throbbing Interpol like sound. The duo tends to decorate the stage with creepy kid mannequin bodies and have been known to cover a mean Gun Club track."

Tell me you aren't a little bit intrigued by the mannequin bodies.

Also, Austin's own White White Lights will be joining The Lemurs:

friday friday friday

This is a private event, but I must admit I'm so intrigued by these Yelper parties. (Partly because I'm a little afraid of Yelp. I can't hang. I've written a whole two reviews, while some people have written, like, thousands).

Yelper Cocktail Contest

My buddy Amber Demure is my date, and will be competing in this contest. Given her advanced alcoholic palate, I am quite excited to taste her creation. In true Yelper fashion, the cocktails will be put before the community for a vote.

Also Friday:

Yes, that's Jason Schwartzman you see there.

The poster is a leetle confusing - September 11, or 20? - but trust me, the screening here in town is on the 11th. RSVP only, and admission based on capacity, so take care of that here.

saturday saturday saturday

There are two parties happening on Saturday; I'm going to talk about one here.

Geezus, have my prayers been answered? Has Agent Ribbons moved to Austin or something? This is the third show I've heard about in less than two weeks from those talented ladies!

(Actually, AR is on tour. And headed to Europe after this. But a girl can dream).

Here's a cute interview I found with Lauren and Natalie from Agent Ribbons. I'm particularly interested in what Lauren has to say about downloading songs:

Anyway isn't this just a ridonkulous week, friends? What am I leaving out?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Late addition!


The Peen Scene said...

wtf kind of cereal is Ian eating?!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

LOL, Peen Scene! :D Good question.

Optimista said...

Ooo, now I REALLY hope I can make the Yelp event on Friday - would love to meet you! Work and a surprise visit from the in-laws are conspiring to keep me away, but I will try to go if I can!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Hey Optimista - Hope I get to meet you, too! "Foodie is the New Forty" is pretty killer. :)

Hipstercrite said...

Great post! Thanks for the info! I will definitely be at the Beauty Bar on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget! Saturday! Another event at Antone's. Should be fun. Get your square dance on at the Band of Heathens CD release party. Drew Smith's Lonely Choir is opening! 8PM