Thursday, October 22, 2009


Austin Eavesdropper still isn't positive what she'll be yet for Halloween, but she's betting Mixx & Make will give her some inspiration. She originally wanted R. to be Carmen Miranda (the lady with fruit on her head), and for herself to be a banana, but - shockingly? - R. isn't going for it. Back to the drawing board.

Anyway, at Mixx & Make this Saturday, party powerhouses Electric Promotions and Two Groove are teaming up to bring this city lots of naughty fun. First and foremost - THIS will be screening.

Army of Darkness! (And, if you've never had the sophisticated pleasure of watching Army of Darkness, then I just feel sorry for you).

In addition, several bands will be playing for your musical pleasure, Blue Note Bakery (yummay) will be providing sweet treats, and Treaty Oak will be pouring red rum. The talented ladies over at The Wonder Craft - whose rad craft trailer Austin Eavesdropper got to take pictures of recently - will be teaching us to make DIY Halloween masks too, so perhaps AE will make a Carmen Miranda mask for R. and then he shall have no choice in the matter.

Tickets are $6 if you RSVP and $8 at the door, but guess who has a pair of passes in her hot little hands? (Hands that may or may not be sticking out of a banana suit soon?)

Just leave a comment below telling us what you want to be for Halloween, and you shall be entered to win BOTH. Go!


Anonymous said...

I will be a pirate!

Hanlly said...

I wanna be Coraline you know
the girl from that movie
blue hair
yellow poncho
rain boots
skinny as hell (unlike me lol)

I wanna be her but I dunno if I am gonna be her
i'm still working on that! pff

Traci said...

I want to be Rachael Ray... people say I look like her, and I'm a really big fan. I already have a Yum-o! shirt and everything... lol!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Haha, Traci...I love that idea!! You could carry a meatloaf or something. :)

Hanlly - Ooh that's awesome. The clay-mationy movie?

Hanlly said...

That's right that girl. What are you going to be?

Austin Eavesdropper said...

If not a banana, I REALLY want to be Wilson (the volleyball) from Cast Away, and my husband to be the Tom Hanks character. I don't know if he's going for it though.

Hanlly said...

I thought you were just joking about being a banana that'd be cool.
Some friends were playing dressing up as gorillas and one guy was going to be a banana, but they are not doing that anymore.
Wilson hahaah go for it! I don't know how are you going to pull that one though haha, it should be interesting. And your husband is gonna semi-dye his hair blond and grow his beard? hahah.
I love that movie btw.
I might wear a bathrobe and a towel in my head and i green facial mask (or maybe not haha, im still thinking about it).

Hanlly said...

so like are you giving away the tickets or not? haha

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Hey Hanlly....hope you got my email!! You were indeed the winner - did you get to attend M&M?