Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Get your swap on!

Who has a weakness for vintage clothing, dance parties, cupcakes and alcohol?  You?  Me?  Let's dance.

Friends!  If you are in the Austin-and-surrounding area, the lovely Sarah Dean from The Year of Living Thriftily and I are putting on a par-tay.  The Austin Rock N' Swap is designed to benefit your wardrobe, your dance moves, and the Earf!  Let me just break down this awesomeness one piece at a time:

CLOTHING SWAP.  You bring 10 gently-used pieces of garment magic to the Austin Rock N' Swap, you get 10 pieces of clothing (or jewelry, accessories, shoes) in return.  No clothes (perhaps you are walking around naked)?  No problem: $5 will secure your entry.

POP-UP SHOPS. If you bring a little extra folding money, you get to peruse two ever-so-lovely pop-up shops by Laced With Romance and Magnolia Family Vintage.

DRANK. Treaty Oak Rum!

CUPCAKES. The Cupcake Bar will be there giving away samples of their famous confections.  In true vintage style, they will have nostalgic candy toppings for your cake!

MUSIC. By KUT FM's Laurie Gallardo!

This is all happening Saturday, January 30, from 6-10pm.  RSVP here for guaranteed entry!  Because once we hit capacity, we have to close this baby up, and then you will be sad.  Visit our Facebook invite too, and scheme with your friends for fashion swap ideas.

So....I cannot even tell you how excited I am about this.  (Are you noting the exclamation points exploding from this post?) Sarah and I met years ago when I was interviewing her for a story in Rare, and since then have been good buddies!  Today, she is a vintage stylist for a variety of shoots and magazines, including one of my faves, Boho.  Check out her wonderful post on the event here, and also be on the lookout for "swap pointers."

Candace Carlisle, talented in so many ways I cannot begin to count, designed our poster!

I am sure I will have more to say about this as we get closer to January 30, but for now, just clap your hands say YEAH!


Michelle said...

Yeah! I'm super excited :D

Hipstercrite said...

I really want to go, but I'm scared...

Anonymous said...

10 peices of clothing? no problem. the question is; will the rum be free once you're in? very curious!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Hey Anonymous!! Good question. :) Per TABC laws we are legally not allowed to say whether it is free or not, but if you email me I will be happy to tell you the (good) news.

Lauren - Don't be, girl. NOT a pile in the middle of the floor - that would scare me too - but rather, think a table for dresses, a table for tops, a table for bottoms, shoes, accessories, etc. Each person gets a ticket per item they bring, and exchange their ticket for an item. Because we are anal and organized like that.

Michelle - RAWK ON

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

Not sure if I could go or not because of that wonderful age issue, but either way, I am all booked up for Saturday! Sounds like it'll be abfab, though!

Anonymous said...

Woooooohoo!!!!! I cannot wait for this one.

Kelly said...

is this event 21+? if so, I will be quite sad

Kayla Lane said...

If you bring $5 but not 10 items do you still get to get clothes? Or just get to come to the party?

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Kelly - Checkin' on that now for you, dollface!

Kayla - Good question, with $5 entry you'll STILL SWAP. You'll receive 10 tickets for 10 clothing/jewelry/shoes/etc. items, just like those who bring in clothes.

Carrie said...

What's the word on the age limit? Did anyone find out? thanks!