Wednesday, January 13, 2010

TONIGHT: Oversharing, more than likely.

Have you ever wondered what weirdo writes this blog? 

If the answer is 'yes,' then perhaps this may interest you.  Tonight I will join the pedigreed improv troupe at The New Movement Theater for their grand opening.  Don't worry though, I'm not doing improv: I'm terrible at it and you would cry.  The performers at New Movement are brilliant though, and of the handful of times I've joined them, they seriously do kill everyone in the audience.  (By which I mean, "make them laugh." Not. Murder.)

Anyway, I will get up there and share a few stories from my life one at a time, and in between each story the actors get up there and invent comedic genius, ON THE SPOT.  The first time I joined them for one of these nights, I told a 100% true story of Thomas Kinkade, the twee cottage painter, who is ... a swinger.   I know because he invited my friend to participate in an orgy with him.  Technically a friend of a friend

Also, Thomas Kinkade has a swinger buddy named "Coke Can Dan."  Which you can interpret however you like.

Anyway!  Tonight's stories mostly come my life, but one story comes from someone else's life.  These aren't as smutty.  Maybe a little smutty.  Enough to make you laugh (hopefully) but not enough to gross you out.

Tickets for this shin-dig are $5, and you can purchase them here.  The show starts at 9:30, and it's BYOB.  New Movement is located on the east side at 1819 Rosewood Ave next door to the Nubian Queen Lola’s Soul Food, and a few blocks east of East Side Pies.

Next week, one of my favorite bloggers here in town, Hipstercrite, is in the hot seat!


Grant said...

Is this the type of thing that you can show up late to? I want to go to there but I work till 10. Have a great show.

Tex said...

OMG I LOVE (to hate) Thomas Kinkade, the so-called 'painter of light'. Some friends of mine are planing a Dinner Party of Light, inspired by his works, and I have been invited to be the Mixologist of Light! So inspiring, isn't it?

Austin Eavesdropper said...
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Austin Eavesdropper said...

AH! Dave! That is brilliant! Dinner Party of Light, I freaking love that. Please tell me your drinks selections will include: "The Shimmering Pond-tini," "The Gentle Smokestack Highball," "A Horse Carriage in the Picturesque Snow-rita." Yes? No?

Grant - Probably! It's a pretty casual atmosphere from what I understand.

Hipstercrite said...

see ya there!

Chris Trew said...

Party on stage!