Sunday, February 14, 2010

A song for the anti-Valentine's Day soul.

Do any of you have a friend who makes a particular skill seem kind of effortless?  My friend Rene is like this with outfits, and with Nina, it's funny stories. Last weekend for example, she just about broke my laughing muscle telling a story about shopping for running shoes. That's right...running shoes.

Anyway, my friend Jason of The Lennings can pretty much sing "Old McDonald" and I will think it's the greatest thing, ever. Here is a lo-fi rendition of one of their songs, "See You in Hell," with different lyrics. He told me it was ok to post it if I "thought the suck level was low enough."

It's a little hateful, but a lot pretty.

I love it, Jason.


Sam said...

Chill and dark...I dig it. Does Jason have anymore?

Jason said...

Tolly, thanks for posting this and for saying such nice things. I'll get to work on "Old Macdonald" asap.

And thank you too, Sam. I got fast tunes, I got slow tunes, I got pretty tunes, I got ugly tunes. What kinda tunes you need? I got tunes. Tunes, I got.


Hannah Miet said...

It's strange to fall in love with someone's voice when the words they are saying happen to be "I will see you in hell."

I want more, Jason. Singing me through subway stations and stringing me down wires.

I loved this.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Hannah Miet: I think this qualifies as the sexiest comment this blog has ever received.

(PS Hannah...I adore your blog....)

@Sam: I know for a fact he does.

@Jason: Satisfy the people already. Send more!