Monday, February 22, 2010

SXSW 2010 Parties: Filter Magazine. The Temper Trap, Dr. Dog, Miike Snow.

I know I know, you're the boss of you! But as your SXSW comrade-in-arms, may I suggest:

Of note:

The Temper Trap. Did you see 500 Days of Summer? They're on the soundtrack. "Sweet Disposition." I interviewed them last year for G4TV with the delightful Chris Gore, and I can honestly tell you that they are the nicest band I have ever met. Much like The Great Nostalgic in that way, and you know I love them. Also, the vocalist is insane in the membrane.

Dr. Dog. Beatles-y. Loveable. Smart. Yes.

Miike Snow. Dance party. If you happen to watch any CW...cough cough GOSSIP GIRL may recognize "Animal" from one of the episodes. Don't even front, I know some of you watch.

(Also Miike Snow may possibly have the coolest website ever).

The Filter Magazine Showdown at Cedar Street is a three-day showcase, starting at 11:00am each day and running through early evening. Also, from 11:00am - 1:00pm each day, there will be free barbeque! Pretty radical.

Go RSVP. Right now.

More party news for this one - giveaways and what not - will be updated on Filter's Facebook page.


That Chelsea Girl™ said...

I KNEW I had heard "Sweet Disposition" before they started playing it on 101x. 500 Days of Summer was my fave last summer. I've been listening to a lot of Miike Snow recently as well, oddly enough. I heard a cover of Animal by this LA girl named Sky Ferreira, and I loved the lyrics so much, I think they might be on my Facebook page right now. Alas, I've never seen a second of Gossip Girls.
Take care!

Mai said...

i felt very in the know when my friends in Oz told me to listen to Temper trap last year, i'm glad their music has finally come to America in a BIG way. woohoo

i also recommend Local Natives who are also playing that bill. they opened for us a few shows while we toured the West coast last year.