Thursday, March 25, 2010

Let's make pasty hot.

Fact: Whenever I see my pale, oh-so-pale legs in pictures, I recoil a little bit.

"Yikes," I think.  "This pallor, it is frightening---!  Sickly!  WHY AM I WEARING SHORTS!"

Fact: I also think this is bullshit.

Because see, here's the thing kittens.  Being pale is awesome. Three of my best friends happen to be Phillipine, Phillipine, and Italian, so I am frequently surrounded by naturally golden-hued ladies. Which is awesome, too.

But if there's anything that pop culture vampires have taught us, it's that a ghostly pale complexion is nothing to fear.  Unless you fear being seduced by raw, concentrated sexiness!

Growing up in suburban San Antonio, Texas, I was taught that pale-ness was to be avoided at all costs, as if it were actually a real illness. Now I know better. Now I am embracing pale.

This is me on Monday in a fancy work outfit.

That was, um, the next shot.

I asked other pale cuties to send me some pics.

Leslie Torbett of Dalena Vintage.

Writer, potter, and foodie, April Stockwell. 

Michelle Nickolaisen of Wicked Whimsy.

Merritt Martin of Heartless Doll.

Lauren Modery of Hipstercrite.

Pale never looked so sexy, non?

Welcome back to my legs, sunscreen.

UPDATED: While playing on Leslie's lovely blog, I also spied this exceedingly well-done stop motion animation movie. Starring a porcelain beauty.


Anonymous said...


Angeliska said...

Yee-haw! All the pale ladies REPRESENT!
I feel proud to be in such good company - see y'all under the big pecans at Barton Springs. I'm the one with the big floppy Greta Garbo hat & spf 80.

Jolie Morgan Musick said...

I am a proud healthy-pale skinned gal!

Amanda said...

Power to the pale!

Now if only they made white razor burn cover up for the sensitive skin part of being a ghost... I'd be set.

Stephanie said...

Well said! I'd rather be pale and healthy than tan and have skin cancer.

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm from SA too. Whaddya know?!

I'm Latina, but my adorable husband is among the pasty sect and I think he's pretty hot.

Hipstercrite said...

Great post Tolly! Glad to be in great company!
@Angeliska- I looked at your flickr page (or whatever you linked on Twitter the other day) and all your pics are wonderful! So photogenic!

Breanna said...

I may not be pale myself, but you know how I feel about vampires - I mean, uh, dudes who are pale (also see: BRITISH DUDES).

Frank J. Rivera said...

HEY! Where's all the pasty boys? We can rock translucent, too, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! All I have to do is point at 2 Edwards: Sparkles himself Mr. Edward Cullen & Edward Scissorhands a la Johnny Depp. I'm calling foul, Tolly. FOUL!

JK. Loves the post. Que bonitas, las chiquititas!

ChrisNAustin said...

Pale IS awesome and without question better for your skin's longevity. You are ALL gorgeous fair skinned women. Diagnosed tanorexic, it never looks like much to me until pictures of the kids and I reveal a Michael Jackson family shot. An Austin native, the goal is generally more of a Dominican hue. :-)

DalenaVintage said...

Happy to be amidst you lovely porcelain ladies! Growing up in a Texas tanning bed infested suburb, it took me awhile to come to terms with my general pastiness...Now I embrace it! Pass the sunscreen please!

Michelle said...

Frank: I am all for pale men as well. Spike, anyone? Yummm. I'd hit that. (This probably means nothing to non-Buffy fans)

I feel like I'm in such good company here. If only my photo was as cool as Angeliska's - the deer headband! and the makeup! *dies*

Ashley Lauren said...

Thank you for this post. LMAO. Brilliant.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Y'all! Let's TOTALLY do a hawt pale men post sometime. Gentlemen, give us your R-Patz. No...really.

Also Michelle - have to say. You should see Angeliska's blog! It is hands-down one of my favorites.

Hannah Miet said...

You are gorgeous. Lauren is gorgeous.

I am white as a sheet of paper. (Almost.)

Pale pride.

Kelly said...

In the suburbs when an orange person would suggest I hit the tanning beds, my response was always, "in the olden days I would have been the shit. scratch that, I am still the shit!" or a more aggressive, "have fun with skin cancer".

Henyways, thanks for promoting the pale power. Awesome post.

Hipstercrite said...

Yay Hannah!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Hi Hannah! (Lauren and I's blogger friend, everybody. Mostly Lauren's, but me by proxy :)

This warms my heart (but not my SKIN!) that everybody is all Up with the Pale. I almost titled the post that, but hesitated lest it sound scarily Aryan master race.

Which brings me to an important point: naturally dark people, I HEART YOU. But naturally pale people, let's flaunt our shiz.

Captain Annie said...

Yeah! What Stephanie said! Though that's easy enough to say from *ahem* Vermont, I'm glad I'll be in good company come fall when I move to Austin. :)