Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hiding away in Simplicity Wine & Eats.

A few months back, GARY! turned me onto a new wine bar here in Austin, called Simplicity Wine & Eats.  We are residents of the Hyde Park / Allandale / Rosedale area of town, and lately, Burnet Road has been opening up all sorts of little culinary gems.  (If you aren't from Austin, you should know that Burnet Road has, historically, been an endless stretch of antique stores and dive bars, a mini-freeway littered with establishments for rehashing your old memories, or buying someone else's. Which is to say: old. Burnet Road is an OLD Austin road.)

So this trend of new flashy eateries is something different for the area. And we like it.

Anyway, Ross and I tried out Simplicity a few weeks ago, and quite fancied this place. The food is tapas style, and the wine selection is extensive. Since I'm an atmopshere girl, and always end up taking pictures of the walls rather than the food, you'll just have to trust me that everything we ate and drank was delicious. We got a mini bowl of warmed olives, which tasted just like soft figs. Plant alchemy. 

I'd also like to thank the good people of Simplicity for letting me cry in their establishment. The worst thing when you are crying in public is for a waiter to keep coming over and asking, ARE YOU OK?  HOW IS EVERYTHING? CAN I GET YOU SOMETHING?  Which makes me want to say, "No! Go away!!" But fortunately our Simplicity server was gracious and kind, and left us be. I tend to be an emotional wreck sometimes over literally the tiniest things, and on this occasion, Ross just patted me on the shoulder while I sipped my wine and plucked each olive.

What a weird way to end this blog post. I can't just have you guys all thinking about me crying and that's about a picture of my cat in a bag?


Marie said...

I need to try Simplicity. I know it's also a "low-waste" restaurant concept, too - how does that work, exactly?

Texas Maverick said...

Hi, Tolly, I can't wait to check out Simplicity, those olives sound dreamy. So sorry for whatever caused you to cry in public. I love your kitty pics!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Marie - Good question! They actually have a really good explanation on the website: --Compostable dishes!!

@Texas Maverick - Hi friend! You would LOOOOOVE the olives. I seriously think about them, all the time. Glad you like Claudia and her pictures! She is quickly becoming the most popular feature of this blog, no?

Richard said...

GARY! Sorry I had to :)