Monday, June 7, 2010

Austin Eavesdropper in Rare Magazine!

Oh my gosh! You guys!!

I came across this just now while browsing on my girl Tiffany's blog, Austin Is Burning! I am totally thrilled!

Please excuse the self-promotional nature of this post, but, can I just tell you how touched I am to be included on this list?  It is part of Rare Magazine's annual "Rarest of Them All" issue, where readers vote on various "Best of" categories. I didn't even know when the poll was going on! But I guess people voted for me!!

If you cannot tell, I am on my period right now (sorry!) so my emotions are kind of, um, abundant. But I just want to say this:

The fact that this blog has readers is EXCITING ENOUGH to me. But the kinds of readers who say it is their favorite? That almost makes me cry a little bit. I always think I'm not doing enough. "I should create a Facebook page...I should make more videos...I should comb through all the archives of my stupid-looking early posts and re-format them or better yet delete them and hey what the hell is an RSS?" And trust me, I want to do/fix/learn all of those things!

But while I learn and improve, I so, so appreciate everyone who has stuck with me and found this blog enjoyable.  This is the most fulfilling hobby I have ever had. I have gotten to meet the coolest people through Austin Eavesdropper, I have had a forum to talk about my public obsession with this city, and I have opened up certain posts and read your comments before when I need to feel a little bit awesome again. (It's true.) I want to continue to make it better so that you love it even more, and if you ever have a suggestion or simply want to say "hi," please know that I do a little tap-dance whenever people write.

Wow. I'm kind of acting like I won an Academy Award here - I think I'll stop now. Before I do, have to say it, one more time:

thank you. i love you!


Zoe said...

<3 <3 <3 you deserve every bit of praise, girl!!!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Zoe - Thanks woman!!! Coming from you, one of Austin's youngest, and one of the most accomplished, "movers and shakers" that comment makes me grin indeed!

Lela said...

You totally deserve every bit of this praise, Tolly! I really love your writing style and it's nice to see what's going on around Austin whether I go to the events or not. Plus, when you write about Claudia... Ahh, I'm a sucker for cat stories.

Sarah said...

congrats! i'm not surprised you made the list. :)

katherine said...

congratulations! had i known about the poll, i totally would have voted for you! it's no wonder your blog got on the list; i read it myself all the time and it's great. reading your blog makes me feel like i know you, which is creepy because i obviously don't, but i like that you write in a way that makes me /feel/ as if i do.

keep it up! :D


Texas Maverick said...

Congrats Tolly! I've never heard of Austin is Burning but I'll check it out. I also vote for more stories and pics of Claudia -- is she all wound-up or mopey w/Mr. Tolly being gone?

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@ChrisNAustin - Wow, thank you so much for the kind remarks. Trust me, it's not so much generosity as a certifiably ADHD condition. ;) I click on your commenter name all the time and try to stalk you back; do you have a blog too, friend?

@Lela! I - I mean Claudia - need to do some more Claudia posts. She's just been so well-behaved lately! But worry not - she'll weigh in soon. Probably with a dead rodent hanging from her mouth.

@Sarah - Thanks woman!! Also, read your post on SPEAK - so cool. I've never been to House of Blues, if you can believe that. Is it amazeballs?

@Katherine - Man, you are exactly the type of person that I want to reach out and hug. I try to write this blog like it's an email to a friend - a thoughtful, polished email ;) - so nothing makes me happier than to hear like you know me a little bit!

PS - I can totally out-creep you, because I just read your blog and see that all of YOUR favorite restaurants are MY favorite restaurants (Somnio's, Buenos Aires Cafe...). SO, don't be surprised if a weird, overly enthusiastic red-headed girl jumps out and surprises you some day from one of our mutually beloved Austin eateries. ;)

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Texas Maverick - Dude! You left a comment while I was just typing the comment magical is that? It's like we have commenter Bat Phone. Or something.

Claudia is very flattered to hear she is being requested by name! That means she'll have to make a stunning comeback, I think. She's gone black ops a little bit now that Ross ("Mr. Tolly") is gone, who is her favorite playmate. She walks around, looks up at me, and her face seems to ask: "what did you do with the fun human?"

Hipstercrite said...

f yeah!

Sarah said...

it was ok. huge place though. very easy to get lost in. apparently there was a bar mitzvah downstairs and the boy or someone actually performed and had merch and stuff. some of SPEAK's friends got shirts and buttons with the guy's face on it. it was awesome.

ChrisNAustin said...

Hey Tolly. No blog but great admiration for those that do. I'll keep you posted if I find my voice. :)

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@ChrisNAustin - Please do, I'd love to repay the virtual love...and have more outlets for my ADHD.

Breanna said...

You know I <3 you daily.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Bre - "You complete me." PS, I finally watched New Moon last night! Drool.