Sunday, June 6, 2010

Avocado Margaritas at Curra's.

My friend Megan turned me onto this delightful beverage yesterday.  What's great about the Avocado Margarita at Curra's is: It tastes like a health drink.
That's Megan, gazing in wonder at the bounty before her.

In this picture, I am doing one of two things. A) Contemplating how delicious this drink is, and how it just might top El Chile's Chilango Margarita in my mind for best local cocktail, and B) how glad I am that I did not kill a little dog.  That's a long story but basically, I had met the tiniest, most adorable dog in the world moments earlier, and I almost seriously injured it because I was loving it so hard.  Like Lennie in Of Mice and Men and the rabbit.


Megan of the Avocados said...

Don't forget you also tried to run down a family in your car and then flood a house. You were ambitious yesterday.

I am normally not cross-eyed.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Haha, @Megan. I'll make you a deal; YOU start a blog and I'll promise not to ruin that nice family's house.

(PS: Hug Biddy for me!!!)

mai said...

omg loveee your hat, where is it from?

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Mai - Hey woman!! A vintage store in Sacramento, alas. :) It's Nine West, though. Which is like the people's Coach?

Mai said...

I need a stylish hat for warped tour..not something too big where i look like an outcast at an emo/punk festival, but something that actually will provide shade to my lil head.