Sunday, June 27, 2010

Snapshots from Hawaii.


I am Hawaii Eavesdropper right now, visiting my beautiful friend Beka.

This is Beka.

My family will be shocked to see this (me hiking, that is), as I am a notoriously unenthusiastic hiker. But we've been hiking every single day so far, and I am completely digging it! Yesterday, Beka's friend Malia and I hiked down this rocky boulder-like piece of geography, and I didn't fall once.

Here are some more random snapshots.

aloha nui loa!


pinksundrops said...

Oh, I know those places :) . Happy times :) . Glad you are enjoying your own fun vacay while Ross is away - so healthy and so fabulous!

Breanna said...

Oh maaaaaan - gorgeous! Can we all go live with Beka in Hawaii? :)

jane said...

Whoa, those pictures are beautiful.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@pinksundrops - Thank you, Rose! And thank you for your sweet email the other day, too (about the phone). I'm still writing my little response to that, it was so insightful!

@Breanna - I read your comment out loud to Beka, and she laughed. :)

@Jane - First of all, thank you! And secondly, you have the most intriguing blog ever. I popped by just now, and am going stay awhile.