Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Happen-Ins!

I heard The Happen-Ins for the first time on the radio last night. Their sound is sweaty '70s rock, and they are from Austin.

 here are 6 songs from their new album. 

"Do It" was the specific tune I caught on KUT, and instantly, I fell in love. It reminded me of watching Dazed and Confused in junior high (and playing the sound track on an endless repeat loop), another piece of '70s nostalgia birthed in Austin, Texas.

Their next show is this Friday, July 16, at The Mohawk for the Pixel Pop party. Who's going?

i will definitely be there!


Anonymous said...

Meee!!! Saw their 4th of July show, ya!

Hipstercrite said...

Just when you think this town is so small and you know everything and everyone...
I love new discoveries like this!

Anonymous said...

the happen ins are amazing! just wait till you see them live, you're going to shake your booty off!