Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Happy Bastille Day, everybody!

Do any of you know what your ancestral heritage is? I believe mine is English, through and through. I always fantasized that it was French though, if just a small part, and was even under the impression that I was right. Until my dad swiftly corrected me.

"Where did you get that idea?" he said. "I believe I made it up," I confessed. Sheepishly.

But that's ok! One can still celebrate the French Revolution, even if one is not French. As a French Supporter, I choose to celebrate:

chèvre cheese,
creative scarf-tying,
Julia Child's culinary training,
Phoenix (the band),
Yelle (the girl),
a more relaxed attitude about shaving,

...and a host of other less glamorous but equally awesome things, like one of the world's best healthcare systems.

I also celebrate Justine's on the east side, and tonight, they are having a Bastille Day party!

Festivities involve big wigs, "Josephine Baker" and a guillotine!

Man. I was supposed to go to a Tiki cocktail class tonight...but wow?! This might necessitate a change of plans! 

Anyone care to be my date at Justine's?

vive le france!

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Camille @ Style Notes said...

Bonne Bastille! I'd like to add to this already-fab list:

-striped shirts
-the fact that the first lady is a singer/songwriter & former model
-sidewalk cafés
-lack of social obligation to wear a bra
-the name 'Camille'
-champagne (thought that one deserved a double mention)

Texanthropology said...

I want to go to there! Where can I find a jaunty beret in the next 10 hours??

Heather Howell said...

Yay for Phoenix (the band)!

Le Tigre said...

:) This makes me smile. I am part French and planning to move to Paris in a year. I second all the fabulous things on your list! If your ever in France in a year, come visit!!

katherine said...

if i weren't currently in paris right now visiting my sister, i would have been your date! the parisians sure know how to throw a party, although i will say rain all day today definitely put a damper on things. once i get back i'll be posting about the things i did, but in relation to your post: today i happened to stumble upon the grocery store where amelie shopped in the movie, i drank champagne on the lawns by the eiffel tower while waiting for the fireworks, and i ate a shit ton of cheese with fresh baugettes. yeah, the parisians definitely know what's up.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Camille YES! (Or shall I say, oui!) I was thinking of Carla Bruni, too. And striped shirts, and sidewalk cafes, and...pretty much everything you mentioned. Sacre bleu, you read my mind.

@Texanthropology - I have - believe it or not - a raspberry beret!! I should have lent it to you, somehow. Unless you are there now at the Bastille Day party, in which case, watch out for that guillotine!

@Heather Howell - I totally love Phoenix. And they love Austin. They played here four times in six MONTHS. Isn't that ridiculous?

@Le Tigre - OMG! I am jealous!! I am trying to talk my husband into moving someplace else for a while, to live/work. What are you going to do? Teach English? Work on a winery? Become an au pair?

@Katherine - WHAT! You are in Paris right now? Wow! Again! Jealous of you people! Does your sister live there, permanently?

Please tell me that in addition to that shortlist of awesome you accomplished today, you also ate a huge ass crepe.

Dad said...

Your great-grandfather on your grandfather's side was born on Bastille Day.


Anastasia said...

Love Justine's!