Thursday, August 12, 2010

I have the most amazing friends ever, plus, when do you create a Facebook page?

So yesterday, as a joke, I posted on Facebook probably the best photo of me ever taken.

I don't know why I got rid of this look.

Anyway, I'm going about my day today, blah blah errands work etc., then come home later this evening to discover this ... also on Facebook. (PS, my name is Tolly).
Ladies and gentlemen, if you are ever in the Sacramento, California area, please stop by the offices of this magazine and shake the hand of their art director, Jason, who created the above "cassingle."  Jason is my old work buddy, but more importantly, he is the reason I currently cannot breathe because laughter is making my esophagus convulse and hurt.

Also?  HOW COOL IS THIS. Andrea, a pal of mine and a reader of Austin Eavesdropper, nominated this blog for an award today!

My site was nominated for Best Blog About Stuff!

Isn't this cute? I was having one of those "my blog sucks" days, and this made it all better.

I'm going to go post it in the margin so people can vote if they want to, along with a couple of other things I'm putting in the margin. I've really been neglecting the margin lately.

Finally, can I ask you guys a question? I go back and forth all the time about creating a page for this blog on Facebook, à la Republic of Austin. In some ways, I think: "yeah, totally! Facebook page. People can submit Austin-y post ideas and it'll be all interactive and shit." And then in other ways, I think: "meh ... it'll be just one more thing cluttering people's already messy Facebook feeds ... I don't want to be an ass ..."

What do you guys think? Would a Facebook page for Austin Eavesdropper be helpful to you?


Marie said...

A) Wow - can't over these amazing pics, and B) start one! I think it'd be neat to hear "tips" of Austin stuff happening around town, and then, you could write about the best/most interesting ones. Plus, the people who comment hear are funny and I want to talk to them!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Marie - Thank you for weighing in! The advantage I see to a FB page is that people who pitch the blog for events would have an open forum to tell people (even if I didn't post here), AND readers could suggest things they want to hear more about. Like food or whatever.

But then I think, I could also install a forum/message board here on this website...? I've seen that work for a few people, like my favorite blogger in the world, But then, I sense FB pages are a lot more fun that the relatively Web 1.0 message board. ;)

joanna said...

I really want to hear "Foolish Whisperings" but I kinda wanna hear "Fashion Bug-gin" even more.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Joanna - "Fashion Bug-gin" is definitely up your alley.

Greg said...

Why not try it? If peeps on FB respond, keep it going. No? Kill the account. Primarily I use my Examiner FB Page to post content, pictures I've not published, videos, etc. Occasionally I'll even post a music download. think some peeps like that it's there.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Greg. I say: It'll be nice for people to find out about stuff going on in Austin (I'm sure you can't post about EVERYTHING), and the music download stuff that Greg'd be a fun place for those goodies.

And then if it's not worth the time/maintenance, like he said, you can kill it.

Peggy Keefe said...

DO IT! I like to like fan pages. ;) And you're awesome so the page would be as well.

Chris said...

What Peggy said!!!! Do you want me to make one for you?

lynaial said...

I agree with everyone here. I think it would provide your readers with more opportunity for interaction with each other and, like you said, a forum for all the items Austin related that aren't necessarily blog-worthy. Count me in as a fan.

Indiana Adams said...

Meh. I have no opinions. I have a FB page but only because I gave into peer pressure (thank God I had no friends during my impressionable high school years). I only post on it occasionally, but sometimes I share secrets on my FB page that I don't want to share on le blog.

And um, can we please have a 1980's Glamour Shots themed party complete with make-overs and a photobooth? Please? I think I'm feeling this for your next Bleet-Up theme. Huh? Huh? How 'bouts it? The band LC Rocks could perform. They are all sorts of 80's amazingness.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Greg - I really like the idea of offering special features (that normally wouldn't be on the blog) on the FB page. Cool suggestion.

@Anonymous - Good thoughts, reasonable friend!

@Peggy - Aw Pegs, thanks girl. :) Well I hope it'd be awesome! Knowing me I'll get all pumped about this idea, and then it'll take a month to implement. ;)

@Lynaial - (Awesome name!!) YAY! I'll give you the heads-up then when we get it started.

@Indiana - Oh Indiana, I'm so glad you weighed in! I was curious what my fellow Austin bloggers thought especially, and if it was worth the effort or not. Do you feel like it's driven more / less traffic to your site? I can see the argument for MORE, but one thing I worry about is people just visiting / interacting on the FB page rather than stopping by the bloggy. But that's probably a dumb worry.

SAY, I looove the Glamour Shots photo booth idea!!! For serious! I'll talk to Cory and see if we could make that happen somehow. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, yes, I would like an Austin Eavesdropper Facebook page.

...could Claudia please have a FB page too.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Anonymous - Why I'm glad you asked!

She hasn't written on her wall in a while. She's too busy killing things.