Wednesday, August 18, 2010

PHOTOS: A Hair Affair Fashion Show.

On Monday night, The Phoenix hosted A Hair Affair Fashion Show & Fundraiser, as part of Austin Fashion Week. 

With gloriously large, 18th c. French-inspired wigs, body painting, and lacy tights aplenty, A Hair Affair ties with Fashion Freakout for the best local fashion show I've ever seen.

We waited for the show to begin ...

Emcee Marcus Swagger, of LegitArt Entertainment, introduced the show in full French regalia.

I couldn't get enough of those tights and frothy skirts. Buffalo Exchange provided the clothing, while Brandy Joy Smith provided the luscious styling.

Backstage, I got to talk to a few of the models.

Lovely Cameron.

Austin Eavesdropper reader, Lauren! Her top is entirely painted on.

Are you wondering where this wild make-up and hair comes from? That would be Waterstone Aesthetics, and hair stylist Ana Castro.

Finally, I didn't get a decent shot of the grand finale model - the one with a SHIP ON HER HEAD. I was so busy staring slack-jawed that I forgot to to get my camera in position, and by the time I did, it was too late!

But it's ok, because guess what you guys? I got to interview that model, Teresa Cantu - who made it to the finals for America's Next Top Model - for News 8 Austin. Go laugh at my little tiny microphone! I had such a blast doing that, and was honored to be asked by the station to help out with reporting. Maybe I'll get to do more of it in the future!


Anonymous said...

These pics are entirely awesome!!! What camera are you using?

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Anonymous - Thanks Anonymous! Just a lil' ol' Canon PowerShot. My parents gave me a super-rad manual camera though, years ago for my high school graduation (!). I recently brought it back from their I may bust that out in the future. We'll see.

First, I have to actually learn how to use manuals properly! We're so spoiled on digital. :)

ChrisNAustin said...

Great pics Tolly. That whole show/evening looks like it was amazing. Thank you.