Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Austin Style Week, and, two different schools of thought on jeans shopping.

Before I tell you about Austin Style Week, kicking off tonight, let me first share with you a recent conversation Ross and I had about jeans.

Me: Since coming back from Brazil, it appears that you need new jeans.

Him: I do.

Me: Shall we go shopping?

Him: Yes.

Me: Terrific! Where to?

Him: Sears is close?

HEH. Sears!

When it comes to fashion, Ross and I are what you might call a "complementary couple."  I like to get dolled up, but he could literally take or leave clothes.  Were the leaving option socially acceptable, I mean.  Fashion is not on his radar, and it never will be. Which to be frank, is kinda why I love him. 

Ross is a t-shirt and flip-flops man, you see. And, he can apply it to me, too.  Meaning, he genuinely thinks I'm prettiest in no make-up and sweat pants.

I find this fact baffling. But simultaneously, relieving?

Anyway. I was thinking about this conversation since Austin Style Week kicks off tonight with a men's fashion show. Attention, ladies! (And gays!)

If you attended Austin Fashion Week, you may be wondering how it is different from Austin Style Week.  Well I will tell you.

First, it is sponsored by Tribeza (rather than Launch787).  Second, there are five events (as opposed to five thousand).  Third, it is actually in its seventh year of operation (AFW just wrapped its second), and finally, it ends with sushi!  Which is the way more fashion events should conclude, I think.  Eating.

Now, if you are a fashion show lover - like me, the weirder, more Gaga-esque, the better - then you are in luck. While I have never attended Austin Style Week, Tribeza does have a reputation for producing flawlessly-executed runway shows. Back when I was just a blog reader, and hadn't gotten the guts to start one myself, I used to read about their shows on Austin Style Watch, and This is Life in Austin.

Where was I?  Oh yeah, tonight's show. It's strutting stallions, y'all. 

Rock & Runway Men's Show
8:00pm at The ND. 
Food, drinks, and men looking supa fly.
Tickets here.

And for a full list of Austin Style Week events, click here.


katherine said...

man, the more and more i read your posts, the more and more i think we need to just get to it already and hang out. my hubs is the same way: if i (or his mom) didn't bother him about his jeans, who knows what he'd end up with? although he does have his own "style" kind of when it comes to shirts; he's a big fan of the pearl snaps and shirts that you could find at places like and parts and labor.

ummmmmmm so wanna play this weekend?

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Katherine - Haha, I KNOW (about you and me hanging out). Ross has been ordering his jeans faithfully from, every year, for the past 4-5 years. Which KILLS me! I can't imagine buying jeans with the click of a liberating.

Barg, we'll be in Maryland this weekend. (For a dear friend's wedding). BUT. Mohawk, Saturday, weekend after? Ross is playing in a Prince cover band!! And who doesn't love Prince?

katherine said...
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katherine said...

oh goodness that /does/ sound exciting! i wish i was going to be in town. :( i'll be in dallas for tx/ou weekend and my sister's homecoming from france. i'd much rather stay in austin and avoid the mass migration of people from austin to dallas and back again, but when i heard my sister was coming back that weekend, i couldn't not go.

we'll figure something out. you seem to always know what's going on; that's why i started following your blog, after all! jj and i are going to go to cafe 1886 next wednesday for arw if you and ross want to join! it could be like a double blind date hybrid!

Dad said...

OK, now you gals don't forget to bring your meat purse. That's a new fashion accessory by Lady Gaga (to complement her brisket dress dont'cha know).