Friday, October 22, 2010

Thankfulness and thank you.


Don't we all need a little bit of Jessica's confidence sometimes?

Today is Friday, today is also October, and it's about this time of year when I typically begin feeling like: "I'm not doing enough!  I'm not blogging about enough things!  There are so many great people and places and parties in Austin that I forgot to post about!!"

I've written about blogging and ego before, so I know how to recognize the signs.  Signs of what?  Signs that I'm forgetting all the reasons I am so damn lucky.

See this man?  That is Ross, and that is me, in my parents' backyard in San Antonio.  This is right before my 10-year high school reunion last weekend.

I was nervous about the reunion - because who isn't? - but I went anyway.

Ross was man of the hour, shaking hands and introducing himself and engaging strangers in conversation, and generally making me feel like a badass.  My high school never misses an opportunity to vote for superlatives -- Friendliest, Cutest Couple, etc. -- truly, there is no occasion too small.  So when they voted at the reunion, and I was announced "Most Changed," he looked over at me and grinned.

I giggled back at him. It felt conspiratorial.

Anyway, for some reason, that night, and that award, got me thinking about Austin. And about this blog, too.

Are you ready? Because this is about to get cheesy.

See, every time I read comments from the readers of this blog, it strikes me how funny, intriguing, smart, and kind everyone is.

Now, not everyone who reads blogs is a commenter - I am a lurker on many, many sites myself. But whether you comment or not, I am convinced that Austin Eavesdropper readers are just honest-to-God cool people. The kind I want to be friends with in real life!

And the very comment section of this blog is, in fact, where I've gotten to know some of you. Both online and off.

So rather than allowing my neuroses to get the best of me during this time of year, I think I'd rather just say thank you

Next month, this blog will be three years old!  Can you believe it?  I feel like Austin Eavesdropper started out as a teen, went through puberty, and has just recently gotten its shit fully together.  Now it's applying to college and being responsible, scouting out internships, and wanting to do a good job. I'm not sure where this analogy is going but I think you see what I'm getting at here.

Thank you guys for being hands-down awesome. I'm really, really fortunate to have readers like you.

Awesome photo by Kate Pulley.

happy friday and have an amazing weekend!

What are you up to? We are going CAMPING!


Anonymous said...

Most changed? So you were a completely different person during high school?

Cody said...

Watch the first video on this page... it's pretty awesome. An interview with that little girl from Tosh.0.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Cody - Good tip. :) Gonna go watch...the URL alone is highly intriguing?

@ThatsLondon - You know what's funny? I'm pretty sure I was voted Most Changed my junior year of prom, TOO! I don't know why I keep getting that.

Actually...I have a theory. At least for this last time around. In high school, I was very blond, very Christian. I wouldn't have gotten a tattoo.

But I think my personality is about the same? I don't know. I think it just looked I was on a life trajectory in high school that ended up taking a sharp turn when I hit college. My relationship with Christianity changed QUITE a bit, I got the tattoo, I dyed my hair.

So, maybe not a completely different person, but definitely different in some ways. I think I like the changes. :)

Katie said...

Jessica is awesome! thanks for posting.
You never fail to crack me up. I love reading your blog! said...

Wow. I can picture you very blond, but not so much "very christian." You've always been a fashion icon. I know that from your child hood glamour shots. :) And I can't imagine you ever having anything other than a fabulous, glittering personality. I love you Mrs. Tolly. And I love you and Ross together. Have I ever told you that your wedding is the only one I have ever teared up for? Truth.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Katie - Isn't she great!! I want to be more like Jessica.

And I am so, so glad you enjoy yourself here! Am grateful to have you.

@unicornapple - Hi Miss Sarah!!! You always make me feel so good about myself. PS, did I tell you what I'm thinking about being for Halloween....? A BANANA.

bsimms8907 said...

This post made me smile :)

Piper Jones said...

I think we should all say a collective, 'Thank YOU' back. Jessica made my day, and am feeling more empowered by her as my inspiration. You always say it like it is with a spin that goes beyond trying to be cool - but just are. And I love that about what you do/say/be.

Please keep doing it.


jessica giesey said...

that is too funny.. i was thinking of the SAME exact things after our lunch today. we are so blessed, and i am so happy i get to keep seeing your shining face!
xoxo jessica (bluelight photography)
(not the girl from the clip, but sometimes i do similar things in the mirror in my pjs!) said...


Anastasia said...

You're welcome. And I love Jessica.

Lani said...

Tolly, Austin is lucky to have you! I'm totally a lurker but always enjoy seeing you in person (and I look forward to getting to know you better, we're always in passing!!!). :) HUGS!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@BSimms - I'm so glad, Brittney!

@My Piper!! Hello doll. I know, isn't Jessica just the best? "I like my cousins, I like my whole house" many adults are so appreciative about these things? That video has like 5 million views, and I think it's so charming because we forget that joy we had as little kids.

@Jessica - Xoxoxoxox to you woman. My talented beauty.

@UnicornApple - LOL, yes. But I think I was too late in ordering it, so now I'm gonna be the redhead from Mad Men. Joanie. You know the one I'm talking about?

@Anastasia - Me too. It's funny, b.c that video is a little old...she's like 13 now. :) And she's been interviewed everywhere, since her dad uploaded a bunch of home videos, and that one in particular went viral.

@Lani - Oh thank you Lani! What a compliment, coming from someone like you. I've learned so much from you, even though we ARE always in passing! Thank you for being such a little force of nature here in Austin.