Monday, November 8, 2010

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010: Yelle is kind of adorable. [LIVE VIDEO]

Per the post title above: Yes, Yelle is adorable. This is a universally accepted truth, much like humans need oxygen, the Earth is round, I, Tolly, laugh too much, etc. etc.

We got some shots of her beginning the show in her signature sparkly tights, topped with -- what do we have here?  An Oscar the Grouch ensemble?

Teehee.  She is like a pretty, French version of Swamp Thing.

Can you believe the photo above is sans effects, people?  Just the fun purple show lights!  Sometimes I wish colored show lights followed me around, highlighting significant portions of my day.

Here is Yelle, greeting her fans in "AUSTEEN!"

Then, we caught a video of one the band's new songs, "La Musique."  The visuals on this clip are ok (and I mean just ok), but if I do say so myself the sound is pretty awesome.

Not bad, eh?

Two things:

A) What you can't see in this video are me, and my friend Amy, visibly geeking out for 99% of the show. I had to force myself to stop trembling and shrieking like a smitten schoolgirl just to shoot these vids, but trust me, there's one huge dork operating this camera.

B) May I paste a direct quote from Yelle's Wikipedia page? It shows, beyond the shadow of a doubt, ample proof of Yelle's adorableness:

"Olivia Mandell is Yelle's best friend, They have know each other for many years but now Olivia is marrying yelle's brother. Tres chouette!"

On no other band's Wikipedia page have I ever seen mention of a BFF. Tres chouette ("how cute") indeed!


Kate said...

I saw that show too! Loved her so much!!!!

How in the world did you get so CLOSE?

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Kate - Isn't her enthusiasm infectious? I've been following Yelle's shows for years, and she always busts out the in-it-to-win-it dance moves. Love it.

As for photo proximity - it's all about the media pass, my dear heart! We applied for the first time this year under Austin Eavesdropper to get one for FFF, and we scored!!! Woohoo! Hopefully they'll invite us back again next year!

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

Wonderful photos! Glad you had fun at FFFFest!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Chelsea - Thanks dollface! We had a mighty time at FFF. It's Austin's little music festival that could.

Anonymous said...

i love her! she was the main music source i utilized while attempting to learn french. hmm, guess it didn't quite work.