Friday, November 12, 2010

Instant Date Night: Art Night Austin E.A.S.T.

So, I'm thinking of starting a feature on this blog, to run each (or, mostly on) Friday, called "Instant Date Night." Do we like that idea, Austinites?  Yes?  No?

Remember: Dating yourself is 100% ok, and when Ross is out of town or can't join me for whatever reason on Date Night -- which for us, is Friday -- I take myself to movies, or out to dinner, quite often.  Maybe this is the inner only child talking, but I find myself to be more than enough company.  Honestly a handful sometimes.

Anyway.  On a different note, do you creative types -- musicians, computer code writers, regular writers, Etsy-ettes -- feel as though you need to balance your art production, with art consumption?

I certainly do. Let's be honest: Sometimes, Austin Eavesdropper posts are not remotely "artful" by any stretch of the imagination. A lot of the time it's, "hey, this is going on this weekend, so, yay." 

However ...

Even those utilitarian blog posts require the help of my right brain. To arrange sentences in a coherent (and hopefully engaging) way, to incorporate images in a manner that enhances the information, to make the toss-off witty aside that -- trust me -- I thought long and hard about.

Because of all that, I try to make an effort to take in more art that I produce.  To stay inspired, you know.  Doesn't matter what the medium is (though I am nerdily partial to books), and, I suspect some of you are the same way.

So!  For us, for anyone who expends creative energy throughout their day, and wants to get a little more of it back, I have a solution.

the official preview party of the east austin studio tour

This is the kick-off party for E.A.S.T., one of the coolest art events in the city.  And it is tonight!

E.A.S.T. is a walking tour of all the studios on Austin's east side, big and small. Last year, my friend Kelly and I went, and ended up sharing a meal with one of the artists -- this incredible painter with an apartment next door to Solid Gold boutique, who had a huge, Virgin Mary-style portrait of Willie Nelson hanging over her bed. She served us mini pizzas.

This evening, Art Night Austin is hosting a chauffeured culinary kick-off party of several E.A.S.T. spaces.  It runs from 7:00 - 10:30pm, beginning at Domy Books, and hits up Bearded Lady Screen Printing Studio, Big Medium, Blue Genie (!), Brocca Gallery, Co-Lab (all collaborative artwork -- COOL) and Fisterra Studios.  Along the way, bites from East Side King, Cote Catering, Miles of Chocolate (drool) and Lucky J's Chicken and Waffles are served.

Tickets are $45 for Art Alliance members, $55 for non-members. You can buy those here.

The tour ends with an after-party ($10 tickets) at Hope Farmer's Market.

Here are a few art pieces you'll see along the way.

From top to bottom: Artists Bonnie Brenda Scott, Edie Fake, Chad Hopper, and Mel Kadel. All images courtesy of Domy Books.

I'm getting over a cold, but I am definitely going to try and check this out tonight.

Have you guys ever done e.a.s.t. before?


Le Tigre said...

I love Instant Date Night idea. I'm for it!!!



Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Le Tigre - Lauren, YAY!! I think it will become a regular thing. :) There's always something happening on Friday! Even if it's a low-key entertainment night in Austin, TX, I've got a hundred "DIY your Date Night" ideas floating around in my head that I've been meaning to share.

And - HEYO - that link is amazeballs!!!! Haha. The colored suit people are taking over!