Friday, January 7, 2011

Carry on, my eastward son.

So, Ross and I are sorta kinda thinking about becoming adults and looking for a house.

To buy.

Which is exciting (no more pink carpet!) but, also, heartbreaking (no more -- sniff -- Hyde Park!). 

Ross just phoned our realtor friend, who gave him the number of a mortgage person to call, who is going to tell us how much money a bank will give us (I think).  And then we'll go to a bank and say, "hey!  We'd like to borrow money, blah blah blah low interest rate, blah blah blah 15-year mortgage." Can you tell we have no idea how this works?

Truth be told though, I am really jazzed about this possibility.  Especially since we are thinking east Austin for our next house adventure.  Below is picture from one of my favorite east side restaurants, Blue Dahlia Bistro, where I once conducted these classy shenanigans.

If any of you reading this are east Austin dwellers, what do you think?  Do you enjoy living over there? I'd love to hear about your experience.


Anonymous said...

I have lived in East Austin for six years and love it. It is important to know the neighborhoods and check out your neighbors before you get serious though. The area I live is great it is right by 7th and pleasant valley. You can walk to the grocery store, park and to quite a few art galleries during the east austin art tour.

TrophyBoutique said...

As a former Hyde Park dweller, making the switch to the east side was somewhat difficult at first, as I too was accustomed to leafy strolls to Quacks, the Daily Juice, and Mothers, but owning a house on the east side is SO much better. I feel more comfortable over here partially because I'm not constantly experiencing pangs of jealousy over the unattainable homes here (and the seemingly perfect lives of the people inside them), and partially because owning a house is awesome! Plus the breakfast tacos over here are far superior.

We looked for a house for two years before we found the one we bought, though, so if you need any advice, I unfortunately have it in spades. Good luck!

bsimms8907 said...

How much does the house you're in right now rent for? I'm really wanting to find a house to rent in Hyde Park.

Le Tigre said...

I used to live off MLK and Maple. Down the street from Cafe Bennu. I miss living on the east side!! You would definitely love it there. So many great restaurants/cafes/bars! ;)

Rachel from Love a la Mode said...

I live in Northwest Austin so I can't really say anything about east... although if you think children might be in your future the school district situation is worth looking into before you pick a neighborhood. [It really makes a HUGE difference later on.] The only reason I mention that is my older cousin and her husband put together their dream house a while back but recently had to [heartbreakingly] sell it to move somewhere they actually wanted their son to go to school.

Cathy Benavides said...

My tia has lived on the East side (3rd and Waller to be exact) since the 1940's, so I'm guessing she really likes it there. I however, hate 35 with a passion, so I don't plan on living anywhere near it. But there are some super cute places over there!

Anonymous said...

It's your SIL in Dallas, Heather :). I would keep school district in mind. We are going to be moving from our current house in the next year or so to put Keegan in better schools. Or you could just tell yourselves it is a 5-6 year house if the schools are not up to par. It kind of sucks though to be put in a corner after 5 years. For us, with a almost 4 year old and twin 2 year olds.... Keeping my house tidy and neat to sell with these adorable monsters making messes left and right will be a challenge for sure.

We are so excited for whatever you choose. Can't wait to hear what happens. Good luck! Love ya, H

crystal said...

We've lived on the East Side for over 5 years and love it. We're actually just down the street from Blue Dahlia! There are 3 houses for sale in that area that pop to mind. Let me know if you want info (I'm not a realtor...just a real estate junkie). Happy house hunting!

Anonymous said...

Don't know what your price range is, but we live a couple blocks north of North Loop and really like the nieghborhood. Houses are not nearly as expensive as in Hyde Park proper either.

Hard to overestimate how nice it is to be within walking distance of Half-Price Books, TItaya's, Epoch, and F&D.

Jackie said...

I actually live really close to north loop and the neighborhood i live in is really small but I think it's easily one of the best neighborhoods in Austin because of how peaceful it is. There are actually about 3 houses for rent in my neighborhood right now...and if you'd like to know where for curiosity purposes feel free to email me at I know it's nowhere near the east side..but it really is a little gem of a neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

oh great, more yuppies blogging about their intentions to gentrify east austin. awesome.

Jodi said...

We live in Windsor Park (NE Central Austin) and love it! Just North of Mueller and easy to get to everything. Also, a lot of young couples and families are buying in this neighborhood b/c the prices are still reasonable.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Shaun -- I love that area (7th & Pleasant Valley). Cool to hear about your proximity to stuff within walking distance. That is probably the #1 thing I value about our current neighborhood, Hyde Park.

@TrophyBoutique -- 2 years, WOW! You are patient. I seriously might hit you up for advice ... thank you for offering. :)

@BSimms -- Over $1000. There are 3 people that live here (me, Ross, and our roomate / buddy Caleb).

@Le Tigre -- But where are you now, my love? And I agree, Cafe Bennu is fantastic.

@Rachel -- This is such a wise insight. We met as teachers at an alternative, quasi-Montessori school, so sometimes we think about going that route: The private or charter school route. We don't know yet, though. Just the prospect of being pregnant feels like science fiction to me, but I'm warming up to it.

@Cathy - Your tia. :) This made me smile.

@Heather -- HI sister (in law)! Are you guys going to stay in the Dallas/FW area? It seems that Eric has really carved out a professional home there, and that you have an awesome group of friends. We are excited for YOU guys on your next house adventure.

@Crystal -- LUCKY. I would be over at Blue Dahlia constantly if I were you.

@Anonymous -- That is such a good point!!!! I LOVE that area; I don't know why I didn't even think of it while we were brainstorming. I will tell our realtor that we're interested in that neighborhood, too -- what is it's official neighborhood "name?" That's not Allandale, is it?

(I am and have always been obsessed with North Loop).

@Jackie -- Ditto to above! I might email you!

@Anonymous -- That's definitely our goal. Just kidding. Where do you live?

@Jodi -- That is not too far from Cherrywood, right? I really like that area, too.

Anonymous said...

The North Loop area is technically called the Northfield Neighborhood but I don't know anyone that actually calls it that. Allandale is west of Lamar and a little more north. When we started looking for a house, the only criteria we told our realtor about was we wanted to be able to walk to places. Worked out great for us. Brentwood/Allandale felt too suburban.

We looked at the east side when we bought our house ~4 years ago and the houses/areas we liked were already inflated in value. Haven't kept up with it since then though.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tolly, We are staying in D/FW but will move to a better school district within the area. I am getting so excited for you guys! H

Beth H said...

I live in Windsor Park like Jodi & love it, too. It is a great central location, BUT one thing that kinda sucks right now is the lack of cool stuff within walking/bike riding distance. We're hoping with time & further development of Cameron Rd & the Mueller shopping area that it will change for the better.
and here is my #1 piece of super-important advice: Do NOT buy a flipped house! I'm sure there are some house flippers out there who do a wonderful job with the best of intentions. But ours did not, and we fell for a house that looked adorable & well-renovated & passed inspection, only to find out shortly after moving in that the house flipper was practically criminal in the corner-cutting she did. Most of the work they had done was very shoddy, even dangerous. The cheapest materials & ignorant (unlicensed) contractors were used, resulting in electrical work that was totally not up to code, etc. etc. etc. Not worth the trouble! Buy from someone who has lived in the house a while & lovingly taken care of it. or hasn't really taken care of it, but hasn't done a horrible remodel either. Trust me.
Have fun house shopping! : )

Mai said...

I used to live right by Blue Dahlia, it was a great experience. I'm in the '04 now, an albeit right near Magnolia cafe, I really do miss my east side neighbors. I wanted to buy there sooo bad but it's funny how high the prices were compared to what I was thinking they'd be. when i worked at the parish i would easily walk downtown and walking home alone at 3am..pshhh. it's just as safe as anywhere else imo. i love e 11th and what it's become. i used to walk to all the restaurants on 11th and all the restaurant/bars on e. 6th. i walked to east end wines, i walked to the library and the record store..literally walked everywhere!!!

i also particularly loved renting my space out for sxsw! :)