Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ch-ch-ch-changes on Austin Eavesdropper

Time and time again, it blows my mind when new bloggers just dive right into this whole blogging thing knowing exactly what to do. 

I have been blogging on Austin Eavesdropper for over three years now, and LAWD, I still feel like a newbie sometimes!  But here are three new upgrades for Austin Eavesdropper that I'm really excited about.  I know I know, has it really taken me this long to get my sh-t together and figure some of this basic stuff out?  Oh well!  Here we go:

* New design *
Did you notice that Austin Eavesdropper looks different, um, every week?   That's because I can't stop messing with with the template.  I am the prototypical girlfriend who's never satisfied.

I'm sure some old posts will look wonky while I play with this new 3-column business I've got going on here, so as the old saying goes, "pardon our dust."

And, if you have any ideas for new blog headers, bring 'em!  I've had lots of different headers in the past, including one of Leslie Cochran's butt.  I miss that one.  

* Sponsor Austin Eavesdropper *
Guys, when I opened up ad space on Austin Eavesdropper, I had no idea what the hell I was doing.  Now that I have a better handle on it, I have revamped our sponsor info section!  And created a page for Austin Eavesdropper's mentions in the press!  It took me years not to feel squeamish about listing this blog's mentions in the press, so I hope you don't find it utterly obnoxious.  But apparently some sponsors really care about this sort of thing so I'm going to do my best to maintain it.

So!  If you have a band you think I would like, a delightful restaurant or food trailer, or perhaps an Etsy store that sells vintage or handmade things, YOU ARE IN LUCK.  Because I would love to promote you.  Check here for rates or email me your sponsor ideas.

* Ask Me Anything Box *
This is currently an experiment, but I think it's kind of cool.  I stole this idea from my friend Christa, who just started a rad music blog: Sonic Snogg.  Christa not only has excellent music taste, but can truly rocks pinstripes like there is no tomorrow.  I hope you get to meet her someday.

Anyway, on the left-hand margin of my blog, at the bottom of the blog roll, I now have a little box where you can type in questions.  So far, I have received three.  These include:

1. "Body"
2. "What advice do you have for a writer/poet/single mother moving to Austin?"
3. "Cello"

I'm going to go ahead and assume that question askers #1 and #3 are still formulating their thoughts.

I've been mulling over question #2 however, and will answer this person on Monday, right here on this blog.  I've been wanting to do a "regular feature" of sorts on Austin Eavesdropper, so each week, I will collect questions from this box and answer as many as I can.  Sometimes I may ask for your help.  (Like -- what advice do you have for a writer/poet/single mother moving to Austin?  I asked someone this on Twitter, and they wrote, "Avoid I-35."   Let's, eh, start there).

Thank you as always for being an Austin Eavesdropper reader!  I am pumped about these changes, and have a few more to come down the road.  But for now, we'll just let this awesomeness digest.


Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

I love the Ask Me Anything on your blog. HOw'd you create it? Is it a widget?

Hipstercrite said...

hahaha. i'm in the process of trying to do the same stuff to mine. it's frustrating b/c i'm an idiot when it comes to web design. :/
i need to hire someone, but it costs so freakin' much!

Rachel from Love a la Mode said...

I love playing around with my blog layout too! It's fun and overwhelming at the same time.

pinksundrops said...

It's totally not obnoxious having you list all the press you've gotten. You definitely deserve it! And, after seeing you mentioned in random places, it's fun to see it all in one place.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@A Taste of T -- Yep! Sure is a widget. I got it at WidgetBox.

@Hipstercrite -- I know. You and me both, girl. I DID find someone who was pretty reasonable -- designs Blogger templates for under $200 -- but she's booked 'til like March. I can give you her name though if you'd like to check her out anyway.

@Rachel -- SO OVERWHELMING. I do feel like I've finally gotten to a place though where I sort of like this blog's visuals ... which is a small victory. :)

@PinkSundrops -- Yay! I'm glad you don't mind. They are now listed for your viewing pleasure on the "About Moi" section. :)

Chris Trew said...

Goooooooo Tolly Go!

Anastasia said...

Yay new design. I love that I can fully read you in my reader now too. dance.

I think Austin rocks single mom's socks off! There are so many kid friendly things that are also adult fun. Free Fun in Austin is a great blog and of course Parentwise. As for the poet/singer part. obvi austin can totally nurture that and only make her a better single mom/poet/singer

and if she needs play dates I am so there!

NatalieBGarza said...

I just started working on my blog and can't believe there's so much to learn! I feel better knowing that even a veteran blogger can still feel like a newbie. I look forward to reading your blog and have added you as one of the "Blogs I'm learning from" on my page.