Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Three firsts that happened on New Year's Day.

Not gonna lie -- this post is sappy. Venture forth if you dare!

(I told Ross he looked very Punch-Drunk Love here.)

For all of its usual resolutions, its vigorous predictions, its fireworks punctuating last year's memories and leaving an open, empty slate on which to draw new ones, this New Year's -- New Year's 2011 -- was my out-with-the-oldiest and in-with-the-newiest of all. 

On New Year's Day, two of my dearest friends had a baby.
Her name is Tallulah, her mom is an African dancer, and her dad is a drummer in Ross's band.  Both are teachers, and both have a distinct fondness for Bill Murray.  His portrait presides over their living room. 

And really, you should see Tallulah's mom.  She is a total 1970s daydream.  Dad, on the other hand, is a taller, buffer Buddy Holly.  What I'm saying is, this baby has no choice but to be a badass. 

On New Year's Day, one of Ross's oldest friends got married. 
It happened in a little living room in Grapevine, Texas.  I cried when the bride and groom kissed.  It's an unpopular time to cry.  Because at weddings, as you know and I both know, that's the Big Finish: It's happy, and it's triumphant.  (And sometimes awkward).  

But this kiss was just a teensy bit longer than most Polite Altar Kisses.  Just a few moments more, and it would have been a Make-Out Kiss, and the realness, the sincerity of it, was deeply moving to me. 

I guess I cried because you don't see a wedding kiss like that very often.

(Ross and I took that 'prom photo' above at that wedding, too).

On New Year's Day, my Mom and Dad celebrated their anniversary.
Ok, this one happens every year.  But while we're talking about births and weddings, I thought we should get ol' Tom and Christi in on the fun, too!

This is one of my favorite photos of Mom when she was my age. It's the first picture where I realized I looked like her.  Isn't that funny?  I can't tell you how many people walked up to us at the Bleet-Up and remarked on our resemblance -- "oh my Gawd, you two are the spitting image!!" -- but really, it's only been in the last year or so that I've been able to see it.  

I always joked with my Mom that she was holding her cheekbones hostage from her only daughter, nay, only child, so I'm grateful this is finally beginning to happen.  (Although the eyes that scrunch up and 98% disappear in a fit of laughter come express delivered from Dad, and I've always secretly loved that).

* * *

Man.  New Year's has a way of making a gal sentimental, non?  As do periods!  Just kidding.  (Not at all kidding). 

OH.  Before I wrap up here.  I read one of the books you all recommended back in November, Special Topics in Calamity Physics.  I haven't been gripped by a book like that in a very long time, as in, I got all up in the Amazon discussion boards and totally went to town with other obsessives.  

If you would like to borrow it, I have a copy.  I'm sure you fellow book nerds have a long list of new releases to tackle already, but really, you must read this one.  If anything so I can hold you hostage afterwards and pry crucial opinions on specific plot points out of your brain.  I mean, have a discussion group!


Anonymous said...

At first I thought the title of your post was,

"Three FISTS that happened on New Year's Day."

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Anonymous -- ***LOL****

Dying! That's what I'm doing.

bsimms8907 said...

You do look just like your mom! I get that a lot too. I looked like my Dad when I was little, but now everyone says I look just like my mom. Back when I was still going to school in AR, I had to do a good academic student walk-out thing at one of the basketball games. After I walked out and my name was called some old friends of my mom called her up and started asking if I was her daughter because I looked too much like her to not be.

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Hahaha I too thought it was three FISTS and I thought, "I hope today is a three fists pump day." So 'they' say your start to the New Year is a residing theme all year. Weddings and babies...not a bad year I'd say.

Corey said...

i have never ever met you before, and i can see the resemblance between you and your mother. maybe its not the best two images to compare looks, per say, but the expressions that you both have on your faces are VERY much identical!

Court said...

that little book trailer is so darling. makes me want to run out and buy a copy right now! (if i wasn't typing this still in bed at 10:30 on a tuesday morning...)

Le Tigre said...

I went to my friend Joey and Kiera's house. Listened to a guy play The Cure's "Just like Heaven" on the ukulele. Played with chickens. Er, actually got chased by chickens. Played with their son Ari and his AWESOME train set. 2011 already rocks. ;-)

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@BSimms -- HA! I love it that your mom's friends were calling out to you. Like groupies!

@Tanya -- I mean, at this point maybe "three fists" would be more appropriate? I would give fist pumps for all three of those things ... in fact I maybe actually did in real life.

@Corey -- THANK YOU! I will take any comparison to my mom.

@Court -- Don't buy it! If you live in Austin I will hand-deliver.

stephanie ridge said...

next, read Steve Martin's "An Object of Beauty."

Anonymous said...

Also? I'm on my period too. It's a wonderful time isn't it.