Friday, February 25, 2011

A rock n' roll Friday: Bright Light Social Hour.

This next video combines four of my favorite things: Do512's new music lounge in downtown Austin, local rock band Bright Light Social Hour, red velvet, and colored lights.

As you can see in the video below, this is more than a recipe for success -- it makes you want to jump right in that swanky dance party and get your groove on.

I met Bright Light Social Hour last week at the ACVB CD Release Party, and instantly fell in love with these guys.  During media interviews, some bands are all aloof and too-cool, answering with "it's like ... whatever" to your questions, but not these guys.  They were just as interested in my little blog as I was in their band, and regaled me with stories of skinny-dipping in their college fountain -- which we found out was also MY college, as two of the band members are SU alums!  Go us.  And go Pirates.

If you live here in Austin, you probably saw Bright Light Social Hour on the cover of The Austin Chronicle this month:

They do love to skinny-dip.

Listen to the whole Bright Light Social Hour's debut album here.  How much do you love "Shanty," the first track?


bob-o said...

tolly, did they mention that they are playing the new clusterfest at SU? it's at the end of april and tickets went on sale yesterday.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Whoa, they didn't Bob-O! I'll ask them about it on Monday (we're meeting up for another interview). Are you going to Clusterfest?

pinksundrops said...

LOVE Bright Light Social Hour. Also, wanted to tell you, pretty sure Austin had a case of the fog the last week or so with all the grey in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon. Maybe it wanted to make Californians feel more at home ;) .

Lacy said...

Go pirates! Argh!!

hehehe. Just typing that made me giggle.

Michelle Elizabeth said...

Your blog is awesome!