Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sorry Margarita, I'm having a Moscow Mule.

There's a new drink in town.

And now that May in Austin has insisted on delivering us 100+ degree weather, we really have no choice but to attend Happy Hour as often as possible. Hydration, you know.

So I couldn't help but notice the Moscow Mule about a year ago, and along with other vintage cocktail comebacks -- The French 77, The Dark & Stormy -- it's slowly risen to the top of Austin drink menus. Frosty, often copper cups of vodka, ginger beer, and lime, edging out our beloved Margaritas, and even our local invention of similar M-alliteration: The Mexican Martini.

Austinites, do you know what this means? It means we're finally tired of sour mix.

I had Happy Hour with my friend Kelly last night at Second Bar + Kitchen, and though I walked in envisioning a classy glass of wine, one glance at Kelly's Moscow Mule was enough to sway me.  I have a thing for ginger, you know, and while I graduated from girly vodka drinks a long time ago, the Moscow Mule is something different.  It's a vodka drink that doesn't talk down to you.  It doesn't treat vodka as a blank slate for fruit juice.  Rather, it highlights the crispness of its other two ingredients, and doesn't leave you with a nagging sugar high.

So cheers, Moscow Mule.  I hope you enjoy a long run on Austin's Happy Hour menu, and I for one fully support your ascension to the top of my local drink specials.  Hurrah!

(Note: This post may or may not have been an excuse to show off my brand new camera!  People.  I did it.  I finally got a nice camera.  With a big, honking lens.  I'm so excited I'm taking pictures of everything.  Including my cat.  And my yard.  And my neighbor.  I just walked up to someone's house and almost took a picture of their living room from the outside window.  Then I stopped, figuring that getting arrested might put a damper on the new camera purchase.)


Amy said...

congrats on the new camera - it will change your world (I got one at the beginning of the year) - love that I found your blog - we were Tri Delts together at SU (I was younger) :)

tthorn said...

Haddington's also does a great one and Bill Norris makes the ginger beer in-house. Ginger beer seems to also play well w/ bourbon and gin IMO!

bsimms8907 said...

which camera did you get?

Katie said...

You kill me! I think we need some crazy cat pix...She is also entertaining.

I'm gonna need to try this drink.

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

Yum! I've been staying cool by drinking lots of white wine, haha...Enjoy your new camera.

Ashley said...

As someone who lives in San Antonio not far from Austin at all. That drink looks so refreshing right now! It's a perfect excuse to get my hydration on.


Pink Sun Drops said...

The drink looks delicious and your camera is AMazing!! Good choice! Now I want to know how you tote it around everywhere :) . I still can't bring myself to bring our huge one everywhere.

Dad said...

Have you imbibed an Oil Slick Margarita. Talk about new and different!

Annette said...

Whoa, that is a great picture you took! What kind of camera did you get?

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Amy! Hi!! I'm on your blog right now, and see that you too have excited camera news -- your lens takes mighty good shots. Easy when you've got a beautiful model though, right? (i.e. your too cute baby boy...)

TThorn -- Tom, yay! I'm going to Haddington's on Friday. For lunch. But hey, it's 5:00 somewhere ... Moscow Mule it is!

BSimms -- Hey girl, I got an entry-level nice camera (i.e. the Canon Rebel XS). It's one of the most affordable out there, I've found!

Katie, you are SO RIGHT. In fact, sometimes I think Claudia (my cat) should have her own blog. She's more popular than I am.

Chelsea -- Good girl. You are not only drinking fluids, but taking in antioxidants, too. To your health!

Ashley! I grew up in San Antonio. What area do you live in? My parents are still in Alamo Heights.

Pink Sun Drops -- Right now my poor camera is being transported in my ratty purse. But once I get some $ I want to get a nice carrier for it. I got a tripod today! Look out National Geographic.

Dad -- No! I've never even heard of it. What is that?

Annette, thank you! It's a Canon Rebel XS. Then I played around with it (just a tad) in Photoshop.

Austin Diva said...

Moscow Mule certainly has an earthy sound to it.. but ahhh, who can give up the Texas margaritas? Virgin margarita with extra salt please!

Not who I will be said...

That looks delicious! Great pic (must be a great camera).

Also, Dark & Stormys are one of the most popular drinks in Bermuda (where I just got back from) so this post made me happy and reminiscent!