Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Party Spotting: La Belle Vie.

Last night, I caught my first Austin Fashion Week event: La Belle Vie, a French Carnivale inspired soiree for my beautiful friend, Cory Ryan.  She is a fashion photographer who shot my wedding many years ago, and is up for Best Fashion Photographer in the Austin Fashion Awards.  (Vote!)

I loved all the fancy little touches at this party: Umbrellas in the trees, a black and white color palette.  A salon here in Austin, Mirror Mirror - which just so happens to be down the street from my house - hosted the event.

I mean really.  How darling are all these people?  

*Cory is in Colors.

*Joanna Wilkinson + Jeremiah Newton in High Contrast.

*An anonymous, nattily-dressed gentleman in Man in Black (and Gray).  

Who are you, Anonymous Sir?  I liked your style!

1 comment:

Jenna said...

The man in black (and grey) is Stewart Gersmann. He is a local Austin musician...he's amazing!