Thursday, March 8, 2012

INTRODUCING: The new Austin Eavesdropper!

Did you know that Austin Eavesdropper has a new home on the Internet?  Come check it out!

Wondering where your delightful, witty comments went on this blog?  They're all over there.  (Most of them, anyway.)

If you read Austin Eavesdropper by RSS feed, now would be an excellent time to update that.  Beginning in mid-April 2012, will redirect automatically to, and to receive your regularly-scheduled posts you'll have to update your RSS.

I have to admit - I'm a little sentimental all of a sudden, saying goodbye to my old, trusty blog home over here!  You've been a loyal friend, Blogger.  But we're very much looking forward to our adventures over on Wordpress. 

see you soon at:

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