Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ghostland Observatory

So I'm sure these will sell out pretty fast, but yesterday tickets for Ghostland Observatory's November 14 show went on sale. You can go jump on that here.

I know they're huge now and rarely even play in Austin anymore, but I heart Ghostland so much. I remember seeing them for the first time at this little tiny club in San Francisco, Cafe du Nord. We're waiting for them to go on, and here comes this guy with long braids, jeans and Birkenstocks, looking like he came directly from a Greenpeace rally.....followed by another individual wearing a metallic cape. And guys, it was the BEST SHOW I have ever seen.

Ghostland is a band of 100% excess, meaning every chance they get, there are colored lights and lasers and explosions and things. Aaron Behrens (right) is a total diva on stage with a mean strut and a ginormous mouth, and every time I see them I try to remember exactly what he did so I can steal his dance moves. Exhibit A:

Isn't that just ridiculous? It's like watching Gumby at a rave party.

I'm also giggling at this interview Mr. Behrens had with Gothamist last year, which gives you an idea of his personality:

Gothamist: How will you celebrate New Year's Eve?

AB: My wife and i will be packing and moving into to our new house!!!! HALLA!!!! Party animals over here!!!!

Gothamist: What trend do you think will be "big in '08"?

AB: I think the new trend of 2008 is going to be cell phones installed into your molars.

Hehe. Love.

So bottom line: If you haven't seen Austin's Ghostland yet, I highly recommend it.

What bands make you guys wanna dance like a crazy hip-swivelin' fool?


magnolia*mama said...

ooooh I already bought my tickets!

Raychelle said...

oh! I heart Ghostland!!! Must find tickets ASAP

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Yeah!! I'm so glad people are going! I see a meet-up in our future!!