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Monday, December 7, 2009

Little Stolen Moments have that certain je ne sais quoi

Alright y'all. So at the Pizza Carnival thing last Saturday, Gary, Grace, Kelly, and I are standing there chatting and enjoying each others' company, when suddenly, it is announced that Little Stolen Moments, a local dance group, would perform. Are you familiar with Little Stolen Moments, Reader? Neither was I. I consulted Gary.

"Ok, well, do you remember when you were a little girl, and made up dance routines in the backyard with your friends?" he said. "That's what this is."

I think it's an apt description. It's hard to say whether Little Stolen Moments is earnest or cheeky, and while I'm tempted to say the latter, a tour jete did find its way into the routine.on Saturday. A routine choreographed to....Enya.

As you look at these pictures, please mentally cue up Orinoco Flow (i.e. "Sail Away"). Also pay attention to the faces that the dude makes. (Trust).

Doesn't that face make you giggle? Oh, how these pictures delight me so!

Because I realize this may be a "you had to be there" type stituation, here is a video swiped from their MySpace page. It's also of the Enya dance, and it kills me:

And THEN, just when you think they are kidding...a super professional music dance video.

I can't make up my mind about Little Stolen Moments and whether they are serious or not. All I know is, I want to look at that man's facial expressions forever.


Live footage of Little Stolen Moments' Enya performance at the Pizza Carnival! Enjoy!

--Video courtesy Aaron Yeats


Optimista said...

Your blog makes me laugh aloud all the time. This was one of those times. Spectacular!

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Austin Eavesdropper said...

Well Anonymous, you had me at "Hello !." but you nailed it with "let's go feel the smell of real money."


Optimista - I am so glad. :) If you ever have the opportunity to see Little Stolen Moments, seize it!

Trevor Ray Thompson said...

Oh this is hilarious Tolly! I missed them at the Homeslice carnival. Is it wrong that I have a natural instinct to want to kick this guy in the head?

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Trevor do you mean Anonymous, or the Little Stolen Moments guy? Because I want to hug the Little Stolen Moments guy.

Glitoris said...

I'm familiar with Little Stolen Moments!! I caught them at a 11amish performance at Fun Fun Fun Fest. They had me SO JEALOUS of their moves! It reminds me of the routines I used to do in like 3rd grade with my girlfriends, lol. Except with the running man and the cabbage patch. Anyway, I am SOOOO glad someone I know got to experience this because it is AMAZING! There was hardly anyone at the festival for early acts and as soon as I saw them I regretted not being able to share the experience with someone :) yay! I'm so giddy now

here is my vid from FFFest lol


That Chelsea Girl™ said...

The LSM stuff is great, really made my day! Take care lady.

GARY! said...

Im glad you remembered to look for the video they shot in some random alley. THAT (yes THAT) was the one that really had me confused.

I take it you also found their Myspace page? :)

GARY! said...

err. I missed that comment in between pics that actually says you did in fact find their myspace page. #NotMyFaultIWentToPublicSchool :/

Grant said...

Damn I missed LSM and seeing you at the pizza carnival. Like Glitoris I saw them perform at Fun Fun Fun. They went onstage with Foot Patrol. I don't think that they take it really serious.

I like the smell of real money.

Amanda said...

I want to audition for them. I wonder if they're looking...

Hipstercrite said...

Whoa. Thanks for sharing that. Never heard of them until now. They look awesome. The music video is the shit too.

PizzaPickle said...

I absolutely LOVE Little StoMo. I wish they had action figures

Trevor Ray Thompson said...

Tolly, I meant LMO guy. :)

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Misa, me too. Maybe someone from LSM will read this and grant your wish!! I have a Jane Austen action figure; they could get together and play.

Kirk said...

LMS Rocks!

Kirk said...

I meant LSM Rocks!